Trumain Carrol?

Will he be the new S&C coach?

One would think that would be the case, but no confirmation to this point. … h=football

Good, I watched some of his videos, looked at the SMU players and he looks like he knows what it takes.

The players look the part.

He definitely looks the part and the kids seem to really like him, and that’s important considering the S&C coach spends the most time with the players.

Ben Herbert looked the part and the players loved him, but the results didn’t show on Saturday nights. That’s how you evaluate S&C.


I do think however that SMU from what I’ve seen, look like a good physically developed team. I think Trumain is a young energetic guy, the thing I like about young guys is they are hungry to be better. The guy who’ve been doing it for a while at a major school might be stuck in their ways.

It’s no secret that Herbert was way over sold compared to his results.

Let’s hope Trumain can get it done.