Truly blown away by

what some of the Texas high school coaches are telling me about Chad Morris. He has a tremendous reputation in Texas.

He is legendary as a HS coach in Texas like whats his name in Arkansas. 168-38 w 32 straight wins and back to back state titles before going to Clemson.

Hog fans should be happy with the hiring!
Chas Morris can recruit his home state and get our hogs back to winning.
Once we stopped recruiting Texas that’s when we went down hill!
Once Chas Morris calls the hogs he is the head hog! Let’s see how he puts a staff together. He sure needs to get in contact with recruits and evaluate the roster.

Richard i am well aware of his reputation in Texas where we have to start recruiting much better. I listen to our crazy fans acting like Norvell was our only homerun hire and he is totally unknown down here. It would have been a disaster to hire the young man even though he may become a super star down the road. We have to have somone that can get good players from Texas.

He went to Tulsa before Clemson.

Any Coach not named Kiffin blows me AWAY! I live in Tennessee so I do have some knowledge of the Kiffin Act. Frankly that was my biggest worry followed closely by the break the bank Gus Bus thing, thankful that did not take place. Obviously the Hog trough is not going to recruit the bigs to compete in SEC West with the big boy wear them down run game, we been there and didn’t do that. So I think what is wrong with giving the NHHU a shot. For sure he will need to get a top 50 defence or we will be getting whipped on the basketball score rodeo. Just my opinions and we know that everybody has at least one. Go Hogs and Go Coach Morris!!

He is (at the moment) a unfamiliar face. They will warm up to him given time.

I didn’t know too much about CCM, but the more I have read the more impressed I am. I am especially happy about his recruiting ties in Texas. And I think the HS coaches in AR will like him as well. If he pulls CBV in (a huge coup), then the recruiting in AR, TX, LA, OK, and the southeast is taken care of. We won’t get them all but we’ll be in better shape than before. I hope we keep Coach Lunney but I know he wants to move up so this may be the time. Let’s face it - if we ever wanted CBL to come back as head coach on the hill he needs to go out and spread his wings.