True Statements

  1. Mike Anderson is the best coach we’ve had since 2002.

  2. It is good to not have to worry that we are cheating.

  3. If in March 2011 we all had a crystal ball to see the results of the next 8 years, almost 100% would have been disappointed.

  4. Other programs have to deal with the same personnel issues that we do … kids leaving early, kids transferring, etc. We are not at a disadvantage in that way to the teams we are trying to beat.

  5. CMA is very unlikely to have really bad teams. He has proven that over 18 years of coaching.

  6. Since 2012 most teams in SEC have had a “best” team as good or better than our “best” team in 2015.

  7. There is an enormous difference between the last 8 years and the 25 “glory years”. In other words, a fan could believe that we should be much better than the last 8 years without being “stuck in the past.”

  8. If you are an adult trying to sabotage recruiting, you need to evaluate your priorities.

  9. A reasonable, rational person could still hope for better and be in favor of no change.

  10. A reasonable, rational person could conclude that 8 years is long enough to show what the norm is going to be and be ready for different.