True South

In Lake Village Arkansas tonight. Should be a goodun.

I just caught the tale end of it getting ready to see the replay of the game. Hope I can find a rewind of it to watch the whole thing.

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Don’t worry…it will be on 10 times or so this week…you’ll have plenty of chances to see it. Might even be on demand - not sure.

Yeah they put all the True South episodes for VOD.

Love True South!

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I watched the first part of it and was surprised at the Chinese history in the area. Fascinating.

That was a fact of life in all the little delta towns.I went to school with and had great friends with people named Chu and Chin and Pang and Young. Don’t quite understand that last one. Maybe they changed the spelling somewhere down the line. Most of them were grocers or liquor store owners or both. All of those kids were smart, and many are in the medical profession today. Most played baseball, but not other sports. None of my friends sounded like Cowboy Santa Lee! If I’m ever in Lake Village again, I’m going to try one of those steaks!

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I went to school with Joe Yee. He lived in our dorm in Holtz Hall . His families grocery store is seen in the episode which the family closed down in 2012. He is now the mayor of Lake Village and doing his best to keep the town alive. It’s really tough for all the small towns in the Delta on both sides of the Mississippi River with economies based on agriculture. I grew up in one as well here in NEA. Technology in agriculture and larger equipment has replaced a lot of the farm related work and with little other non-agriculture industries delta towns are suffering. The episode is well worth watching.


Shout out to my friend who was my Best Man at our wedding, Eugene Lee Jr. from Dumas, AR. A family full of high achievers.

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My family is from the Wabbaseka area. There was a real fine man there who was Chinese, Bee Yee, who owned a grocery store. When he passed away, he left the building to my uncle who was his friend.

I went to school in Altheimer. We had several Chinese families in our town. They were great, talented, smart people.

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Watched it last night. I spent my early career walking cotton fields and jumping rice levees in E AR. A lot of that centered from Lake Village up to Pine Bluff. They kept making the point that cotton had left the area. Have not been out that way in years. Is that true or has just the nature of the production changed the need for labor? I know cotton prices are way up this year. Just wondered about what is going on there. Can’t believe that corn and/or soybeans are more profitable.

Oh yes, is the CowPen still open between Lake Village and the river bridge?. Oh the stories from that place.

Heck, I even spent two summers consulting on the Pest Management on the Cummings Farm (talk about an experience for a 22 year old! Now there in lies some real stories).

I have a two hour drive every Sunday and Friday to and from Fayetteville NC where I’m working through November. A good bit of that drive is through cotton fields, and it looks like they’re ready for harvest now. Obviously cotton farming in southeast NC is not dead.

Certainly not in the Lubbock, TX area. I still make calls down there and it is all cotton.

Tusk where were you in school there? I remember a dorm mate named Yee and I lived in Hotz my freshman and soph years beginning Fall74. “Joe” doesn’t click a bell as his first name tho.

Mike I was there 69 through 74 redshirt one year lol. Joe would have been gone before 74. He roomed with another friend of his from Lake Village whose family farmed, Charles Rocconi. They were characters and fun to be around. I don’t know if either finished at Arkansas. After 71 I was a houseboy for the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and lived off campus. So lost contact with Joe and Charles.

Maybe I knew a younger brother because it seems he was from Lake City. Maybe his name was Tony?

Mike you may talking about Joe Dan Yees cousin Tony Yee from Dermott Arkansas who also attended the UA.

Lot of Italians in Lake Village, too. David Alpe (Malvern coach) told me the stories about the Italian families and the Catholic community in Lake Village. Interesting place. My wife’s sister married Buck Bing from Lake Village. The Bing fam

I have a history of my mother’s family coming in through New Orleans, through lake village then to Marion/west Memphis area. Half Italian here. Very proud. The group from tontitown, or at least some of them traveled from lake village across state to tontitown. Food tastes just like my mothers snd her sisters. We make around 200 lbs of Italian sausage each year around Christmas in Marion. Facinating story of their hard work, family, religion and success.

I heard those stories (including Tonitown migration) from Alpe. And about all the wonderful Lake Village players at UA. Quarterback Lamar McHan was from Lake Village. Bunch of good players from Mazzanti family, too.