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I need some help. What was the first musical track tonight? Something about possession and G-minor. I forgot it before I could write it down.

My epitaph was the name of the song


That show , especially tonight , is/was excellent!

Do you have the Shazam app? It’s pretty good at identifying most music.

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Except that I gain ten pounds just by watching!

The song that I was curious about was Possession in G-minor by the Mulligan Brothers. The song had a reference to Paragould Arkansas. Only they pronounced it Paragold, for rhyming purposes.

Agree. I didn’t become aware of it until season #2…but have now watched all episodes and really like the concept. I highly recommend that anyone here who has not seen it watch a show…any episode…and see what you think. It’s just kind of a lazy trip around off-the-beaten-path eateries and bars across the Southeast. They take a lot of time to visit with not only the people behind those joints, but random people they meet along the way. I really like the pace of the show, which is unhurried and relaxed.

Interesting. I posted on this board during the first season and several seemed dismissive of a show that had noting to do with sports on the SECN. I’ve enjoyed it from the beginning. I’m not surprised that it has garnered a following.

It’s very real and raw……

I’m reminded of the early days of ESPN (the E originally stood for Entertainment) because they didn’t have enough sports content to fill 168 hours in a week and would show other stuff. The live sports content they had would be replayed three or four times, and they scrounged the world to find stuff like Aussie rules football (future source of UA punters). Plus non sports stuff such as Body Shaping and Fitness Beach, which were, as the name suggests, fitness and nutrition shows.

I can see where some might feel that way; after all, any reference to sports are rare and in passing only. But it 's more about the culture that breeds the passion of the SEC than it is about the sports/games themselves. I think they do a very good job, in that regard.

But…to each their own. I could (but won’t, so as to not derail the thread) list 5 shows I either don’t like, or have never seen, that would make dozens here shake their heads and respond with posts questioning my sanity. You just never know what people will and/or won’t like.

And does anyone else think that John T. Edge looks a bit like a younger Archie Manning?

I’m from Paragould and live in Paragould. If never heard the song or heard about it so I was floored when I heard it.

Anyone know the story of the band/song?

I have buddies from NWA who have always pronounced it Paragold, no matter how many times I have corrected them.

The song is about the devil searching for souls. The verse that mentions Paragould, is sung by a woman named Melody, who followed some dude to Paragould, where he ditched her. Now she’s so lonely she would sell her soul for a friend. I can’t find any connection between the band or songwriter Ross Newell and Paragould. They are from Mobile, and most of their songs are set in the gritty area around Dauphin Street.

Thanks. Could just be random. I think Jason Isbell does that a lot. I just thought it was interesting. Thanks for the response.

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