True or False

Legend has it that Scottie Pippen called NR while he was at UCA to ask about transferring to UA.

NR advised him to stay at UCA.

Does anybody know if that actually happened?

I remember Dudley confirming that there was some contact between Pippen and UA but I don’t recall the details.

Heard the same thing. There were discussions. Like Swine said don’t know the “true” details.

I’ve heard it from Nolan. So I am guessing it’s true.

Pippin called at least 10 times to the University of Arkansas basketball office after his sophomore season at UCA.

He usually called around noon, which is when I answered the phone for long-time Razorback basketball Terry Mercer while she had lunch.

I took down his number on one of the pink slips of paper and passed it on.

And yes, Coach Richardson and Coach Stoglin eventually told him he should stay at UCA.

Oh, what could have been.

Well that answers that. Thanks Dudley.

I love Terry, and I still make sure to go and give her a hug anytime I go to a game. It was definitely interesting answering the phone in the basketball office while Terry had lunch, but it could also be stressful. I remember one day when Dick Vitale called to speak with Coach Richardson. Coach was in the office, but let’s just say, he wasn’t a huge Dickie V fan. I had no idea whether to put the call thru or not. I took a chance and put the call thru, and Coach didn’t fire me. I was never so happy to see Terry come back from lunch.

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