True Misery class

Every fanbase has a-holes. . .

I will show my lack of current pop culture…

What does SIKE mean?

“Just kidding”

You just have to overlook idiots like that!

Sad they gotta show the world. Awful.

SIKE gives away the guy’s age. That’s something we used to say in the 80s in high school. In means I psyched you out or faked you out. . . at least it did 40 years ago.

Karma reads social media too…

The worst thing you can do is engage fans like that of any team. Real fans appreciate the hard work that it takes for anyone to make it to these levels, and no one should be happy about an athlete–especially young adult–getting hurt.

These are Tinker Bell sports fans. If you don’t clap for them, they die. Let them die.


Just another reason I wish we could ship Mizzou off to The B1G. Their fans are THE WORST.

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