True freshmen who could play this fall

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True freshmen usually populate the special teams too. I’d really like to see what some of these quick guys could do in the return and cover game.

Yeah, Bret mentioned Warren as someone who could help in the return game. I think there’s a good chance Henry could help on special teams. That’s his best bet to get on the field. Could see some of the young corners and maybe Barnes helping there, too.

I probably missed it, but I haven’t seen Derrick Munson’s name mentioned since camp started. I have high hopes for him. How’s he looking?

Will Hedlund or Mazza be able to put the ball in the EZ on kickoffs this year? We need better kicking/coverage. Like bikehog said, hopefully some of these newcomers can help there.

I don’t remember seeing Munson work at all with the first or second defenses last Saturday during the scrimmage, which is a good indication he will redshirt unless he finds a place on special teams coverage.

Mazza was kicking into the end zone the other day. Will that happen during a game? We’ll see.

Freshmen I’d consider close to a lock to redshirt are Kirby Adcock, Maleek Barkley, Montaric Brown, Jordon Curtis, Korey Hernandez, Daulton Hyatt, Jarques McClellion, Derrick Munson, Josh Paul and David Porter.

I think Shane Clenin and Jarrod Barnes redshirt. Dalton Wagner will be interesting. Vernon wasn’t too complimentary of Kyrei Fisher yesterday, so he might be another who winds up redshirting. I think Hayden Henry has a better chance of helping on special teams than Fisher does.

De’Vion Warren has a chance to play and maybe help out with returns, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he redshirts. I have a feeling Maleek will get a shot at some point.

Calloway, Curl, Hayden, Jackson and Mazza are guys I’d bet on playing at this point.

Mark off Wagner, out for 10 weeks. With lower numbers at LB because of J. Harris injury, I figure 2 of Paul, Munson, Henry, and Fisher play mostly on special teams.

Jimmy- what about Deon Edwards? Have heard nothing about him, is he even on the 105?

Henry and Fisher would be my guess at LB of that group.

Deon worked with the third-team defense today. He and Micahh Smith have consistently been the two safeties with that group.

I agree on the LBs. Thanks for the info, I was really hoping that some combination of Edwards, Smith, or Brown could come in and really push those that have been here for playing time. Interesting that Liddel going with the 1’s. I am just not pleased at those positions, and we don’t appear to have better options…on campus anyway!

Reid Miller is by all accounts a great program guy who does all the right stuff and helps on special teams, but they’ll never use him because of his size. So Edwards and Smith’s inability to pass him to this point is noteworthy. Obviously they’re both still young, but you’d like them to make a move past him. Until they do, it shows the staff doesn’t really trust them at all