True/False -- Dudley or Richard

A short True/False request, if one of you guys is willing:

  1. The football Hogs still have some private commitments.

  2. The number of private commitments is more than two.


  1. The silent committments have been asked to wait and not announce until the big weekend coming up to help build the hype and momentum again this year like last year.

  2. We are one injury at linebacker away from having an even weaker defense this year than last year.

  3. Any chance for a bowl game requires sweeping the non-conf. and some SEC upsets. Our best upset chance, in this order, is Ole Miss, MissState, Missouri, and Texas A&M. TorF, we upset two of them.

Waiting for RD/Dudley’s answers, but if I were to guess:

  1. I’m not sure that’s the best way. I mean you have a silent commit going to announce and knowing that you (a coach) would work double on the non commit and the silent guy may get offended about you not giving him enough attention and change his mind. That has happened before.

However, I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a true statement, and we see some guys announce that are silently committed now.

  1. I think we may have more than you think

  2. Not sure on the order of weakest SEC teams, but to make a Bowl, the scenario you mentioned make the most sense

Not aware of any coming into Friday. French was the a private for a month or so.

Very thin at LB so an injury would be hurtful. I think with a year of maturity and the addition of speed from the 19 class we’ll see an improved unit.

A sweep of the non-conference games is a must. The Ole Miss game is key for a winning season and confidence wise for the players and fans.

I’ll go with Ole Miss but hard to say might be the other SEC win. There could be a surprise.

I think you forgot Kentucky in that list, they lost a lot of their key players from last year. I can see us having a chance against them, at least more so then A&M

Probably and probably, but we don’t know their names as of yet.


  1. FALSE. I don’t think Arkansas has asked anybody to wait. A kid may be waiting on his own.

  2. TRUE - if it is Scoota. FALSE if it is someone else.

  3. FALSE - I just don’t see a path to six wins at this time. But I reserve the right to change my mind if they win in week 2. :sunglasses:

Yep. Without a win in week two, we will be fortunate to
get five wins. A lot riding on that game.

The way I see it, we can’t win them all, if we don’t win that one…

Or Portland State.