Troy James

An Oklahoma source was asking if he was visiting OU this weekend because there was a report he was. The guy covers OU recruiting so I did some checking and an assistant coach at Troy’s school told me it wasn’t true.

Just wanted to put it out there in case you see otherwise.

You still think we get young?

Me, nope.

I meant RD, I figure the suspected addition of Gabe Richardson means no Young

Ok. Troy did a midweek visit to OU. All the communication was bout a weekend visit that’s why the mix up.

I don’t think they are connected, and I know you asked RD, I just volunteered my unsolicited opinion.

Just looking at it, gabe is a DE/OLB. Young is more of a DT.

OK what is the deal here???

Maybe Richardson for James.

No. Gabe would count against the 18 class. No impact on Young.

They’re still making sure Young can come in the summer.

Richard what about James???

I though gabe would be in this class? He’s not graduating for another year?

He is a “blue shirt”, which means he can enroll in the fall and be immediately eligible, but because he wasn’t “recruited”, he can count on the 2018 class. We didn’t have him in for an official visit, and didn’t “visit” him, so in the eyes of the IRS, err NCAA handbook, he wasn’t recruited.

Different positions. DE/OLB and DT.

So is OU making a move on James? Is there reason to be concerned?

Oh wow, how about that. That’s pretty neat, and very helpful!

I would say so. I’ve reached out to him. Hopefully I’ll hear back at some point.

FWIW, I’m told OU will bring in two other DL this weekend for officials. It appears they will take two out of the three.

Lose James and this DT class will be like the CB class last year… FLOP. Cannot afford to have a class with no DT’s.

We will have to make up for it with JC’s. We’ve done it before. Bielema is smart that way.