Troy James visit update (decommits)

Talking about his mother.

“She was able to see everything that I told her and she said she really loves it and she wants to come back.”

He said Arkansas is his No. 2 school behind Kansas. I think that’s what you probably say before going to visit Kansas. He also plans to visit North Carolina State. He’s unsure on his other two trips.

His host was longtime friend Nate Dalton, who’s originally from Baton Rouge. James said Dalton is his blood brother.

Lol. #2 behind Kansas? Look, I’m not sure I care if we get this kid or not based on his offer list but if this staff wants him and can’t beat out KU for him, we’re in trouble.

Political answer. Kansas coaches are already nervous with him taking visits.

When you are committed to a school, you better say they are No. 1.

Makes sense to me.

Why do you have to say that? 1) Pretty sure KU isn’t in any position to be cutting kids loose for looking around. 2) if Arkansas loves this kid the way you guys say they do, then I would assume he has a commitable offer. So why would he feel the need to politicize his answer?

Just my opinion. Coaches read interviews and see what kids say. Ga. was calling Devwah when he named Arkansas his leader after his OV.

He just tweeted he was decommitting from Kansas.

Well, that escalated quickly

Is it true RD or Dudley that LSU and Texas have started to show some interest.