Troy James on his visit and why he decommitted from Kansas (Audio) … ng-thursd/

Richard–please, if he had something worthy to report, write it also. I do not listen to these tapes. If he didn’t, then leave it like it is.

No disrespect, but he did report the news - the kid de-committed from Kansas.

In the digital age, there are many who want to hear what the kids actually say for the entire 10-15 minutes that he was on Richard’s show.

Richard works tirelessly as evidenced by the number of stories, audio interviews and tidbits that he flood this board with daily.

He and I try to walk a fine line between the old school and new school way of doing things.

I get that some want the audio. And understanding that, I didn’t complain (even though I won’t listen to it). But can we have a story too that tells us what was said? I do understand that the kid de-committed from Kansas, but I still don’t know the “why” (which is apparently contained in the audio??)

I fully admit I am probably being the grouchy old man who is yelling “kids, get off my yard!” (And gee DD, we are the same age :slight_smile: ) but I do wish when we have an audio or video “story” there would be a written story WITH IT, that way the young dudes who want the video are happy and us old farts are happy too! Just my opinion. I know yall are working hard and love the info we get. Please understand that, just making a suggestion!

No disrespect to you , Duds, but That was old news that he de-committed; Richard wrote that a day or two ago. As to why, only those that listened know because you guys must think me and StillGreg don’t deserve to know though we are paying members of this here board.

Any reason to keep it unde wraps? Are we not customers which are always supposed to be right?

Richard will have to answer your question and I am sure he will.

I’ve been too busy to listen yet, but I will probably later this weekend

Dude you’re something else. How about not be lazy and listen to the video content? Does someone still feed you too? :roll:

He de-committed from Kansas because its KANSAS!!! That concerns me.

Count me as another customer that doesn’t care to listen to recruits’ videos to get news or info.
Rather read the pertinent aspects of the story. Never listen to recruits’ videos, and feel like I’ve wasted time when I go to the page and there is video only .
Our coaches’ videos are often worth listening to, however.

That’s fine. You don’t have to listen. No problem there.

I know there’s lots of fan that like to hear the kids in the radio show. You’re obviously not one of them.

I’m trying to find a nice way to respond to you. Haven’t yet.

In the future I will add audio in the headline.

Don’t get me wrong, Duds, Richard and Low Eye Q, I have no problem with the videos, period. I just want the information that might be within them, since I am choosing not to spend my time listening to them. If you would kindly just post relevant info from the videos for me/us to read, I’d be perfectly happy.

How long have you lived in Bama land?

Me living in Bama since 1982 has something to do with this thread? Surely you are not attempting to belittle me? That seems out of character for you.

I assure you that was not the intent. I was just curious.

You will learn to appreciate Fred in time, Richard. He is an avid fan who wants to throw to the TE (not a problem any more) and . (He does tend to get on certain rants and he does leave himself open to being baited by certain longtime posters.) But he and his significant other (Jan) were two of the first to welcome Daddy and me to our first Web Hogs tailgate. He loves the Hogs and gymnastics. :wink:

We had a thread like this a few months ago. My point (and most of the people who commented on it) was that it is possible to put up and audio or video story AND have the pertinent info in a story as well. I don’t know how long the audio was, but it isn’t uncommon for interview audio or video to be 10 minutes. PERSONALLY I would rather read a story that I can read in 2 or 3 minutes.

As discussed months ago, there appears to be 3 types of stories. Traditional written ones, audio/video ones, and ones that have both. It isn’t uncommon for me to be reading a story in a situation where I can’t play audio. Hence why I prefer a written story. Also, as mentioned, I personally don’t want to listen to 10 minutes of audio. I would much rather read a 1 minute recap. I didn’t listen to BB’s press conference (15 minutes or so I think) last night. But I did read all the stories written here about what he said.

Lastly, I still don’t know why the kid de-commited. If there has been a written story on it, I missed it.

I’m with you. I prefer written.

I’ll start adding audio in the headline when posting the interviews from the radio show.

FWIW, Troy basically said he talked to his parents and coach and thought it was best that he decommit. Nothing too juicy.

Thank you, and I said this before in the thread, I understand some want audio, so I didn’t complain when I first went here last week. I appreciate y’all and the content we are getting.