Troy James decommits from the Hogs

It’s just worrisome to see that there’s very little playing experience in that list. Agim, Capps and Jackson being the main ones. So there’s a lot of un provens here, hopefully they all turn out to be good players.

That was going to be the case no matter this de-commitment. But you’re right, we have to hope these guys (minus Beanum) all turn out to be contributors.


Without disparaging anybody there are several on this list of returning that aren’t SEC players now nor will they ever be. I count six that have either proven to be players or apparently have pontential based on “insider” feedback. Several got passed like they were standing still by true freshman. I expect some of these to depart for new opportunities

One thing some are forgetting, is that James decomitted from Kansas I believe, to come to Arkansas and now he has decomitted from another team us. That shows a red flag for me I want kids that are all Hog.

Next please. Whatshisname can go wherever.

James or anyone else isn’t going to add any more experience, unless we get a top grad transfer. Which is unlikely at that position. But more depth there wouldn’t hurt.

“Arkansas University”? It’s “given” not “gave”! Poor grammar & what’s with the random capitalizations?

I believe we’ve hit the high water mark with ole Brett. Solid 7.5 wins a year.

Good lord. What an overreaction.

Hard to take serious such a kneejerk response.

The more pointed critique to make:

  1. is “reopening recruitment” code for switching to another school, or will we get a visit in this weekend and a recommitment? This has happened before (snaps fingers for someone smarter to remember when this happened last year and supply the name)

  2. we have had this name and about 3 JUCO DT recruits mentioned since summer. If there is a critique it’s that a position you always need to find talent should never be this ignored…or is that a wrong impression on my part?

  3. a friend not on message boards read the story and texted, asking if this recruit was a reason we have kept Segrest around until signing day. It is not uncommon - UA lost Charles Jackson in 2011 to Nebraska. Pelini fired the position coach as soon as the LOI was secured. Parents not pleased, obviously (I may have a jaded memory, so I welcome one of the experts chiming in). My point: it is not unreasonable to keep an out-going assistant on board to try and not lose recruits (especially with #2 in place, not many options and, after James, none are freshman-to-be) but then you lose that recruit?

Re-read #2. Either we just didn’t feel we needed a lot of names, or we didn’t need a lot of bodies. Still have options - no need to freak out yet - but that is where I’ll point my concerns.

Elaborating on #2: was Mbanasor (committed to Okla State) ever a serious option? Daniels at Calloway’s HS shows an offer but no mention of his name in forever. Do you scramble late and try to fill a slot or do you offer a contributor at another position of need and double-down on DT with grad transfers, JUCO signees, or in 2018?

I’m not sure how it’s a knee jerk response or overreaction when he’s yet to prove this statement wrong.

Not saying I agree, but BB hasn’t proved this statement wrong.

I think the context is making that statement in connection with the loss of one recruit. One! But you are right when it comes to CBB disproving he’s a 7.5-win coach in the SEC. Certainly, elsewhere he has proven otherwise.

Please enlighten us on what this post accomplishes.

Just a friendly reminder for those that casually follow recruiting there is a reason they had to recruit 6 DB’s which in this class - when you completely whiff one year at a given position you have to oversign the next which causes issues further down the roster which are hard to recover from

This staff has shown a real propensity for roster mismanagement - first it was OL recruiting ( ask Austin) next it was CB, and now we are one week out from signing day with ZERO DT/NG commits.

Very disappointing to recruit so poorly in a line of scrimmage league like the SEC.

Don’t you ever get tired of being so negative? Jeez Texas and OU both came in with bigger names and image and stole him. What does this say about us? It says that our staff is pretty good at sniffing out players but we don’t have the clout to hold onto all of them.

I know very few people that can enjoy being a fan of a team that they talk soooo negatively about like you do. How do you do it? What keeps you calling the hogs? You seem very unhappy with the Hogs and it just seems odd.

I agree with your sentiments but a few changes need to be made. We are OK if we get a JUCO Dlineman or 2 because we have “some” talent stacked up but lack a serious NG.

Tier 1
Bijohn Jackson

Tier 2
TJ Smith r/s fr?
Guidry…r/s fr
Marshall…r/s fr

Tier 3
Dean…r/s so

As others have said M Taylor will be an LB.

So, what’s the time of survival for SEC coaches that sign 1 DT/NG? Bama has one JUCO enrolled, and one commit that won’t make it, are you saying Saban is on his way out?

Conversely, we had a massive depth of EXPERIENCED talent on the Def Line this year and what did that do for us? We have some size and agility with Bijohn, Capps, and Agim. Watts and TJ Smith got a little playing time this year, but they are not making a splash. It has been said by those that have been to practice that Marshall and Guidry will bypass many in the depth chart in time. We really need a JUCO beast.