Troy James decommits from the Hogs

RD- what happened here? Do you think we pulled the offer because of someone else coming in, or is this totally unexpected to the staff and a shock?

Lol, we didn’t pull anything.

Arkansas did all they could do. Not a case of pulling anything.

Hope you don’t really believe this.

The next thing you read about Mr. James is his commitment to OU. Probably by tomorrow morning.

What a failure -for the second year in a row Arkansas is on the verge of getting blanked at a news position on signing day. Last year they signed zero corners after bringing in several for visits.

This year they whiffed on Javier Edwards and now lose James to OU.

Coaches that have classes with zero DT’s don’t last long.

“News” position?

The class may still have two DTs, just not James and Edwards

They’ll last at least two more years…

I’m guessing it’s “needed” position. I would think we needed a NT, a lot worse than a DT in this class. I also doubt he was going to contribute a lot this next year, but we need someone to redshirt, and be ready in 2018.

Also Dudley, I heard he had told MS that he was a 100% committed, but failed to tell them he was in Norman while saying that, any truth to that?

Meant to type need position. Only DT on board I know of is the Juco kid from AZ. Johnson and Epley are DE’s.

Please enlighten us on our DT options.

It’s my understanding that Arkansas knew he was going and thus also felt there was a chance he wouldn’t stick.

Rather know today than “Pulling a Putu” on signing day

Ok, different takes from different reporters. So, any DT possibilities, or do we move on to Epley?

Dudley simple question, where is our DL coach in all of this?

I do not think this is SEC level at all…

This kids big commitment video sure looks stupid now.

Hate to agree but this is true. This DL class was very important and they just blanked.

We took 5 last year, and 3 redshirted, it wasn’t the priority, WR and DB were. Now, we needed a 3-4 NG, but came to that conclusion too late.

Arkansas knew of his intentions to visit but that was for this weekend. He obviously went a few days ahead of that.

Haven’t seen him lately. Anxious to see if I do on or after Wednesday

That is actually a position that is fairly well stockpiled at this time, with young talent.
Guidry…r/s fr
Marshall…r/s fr
TJ Smith r/s fr (I think)
Dean…r/s so
Watts, Jackson, M Taylor, Beanum are the only jrs and srs returning on dline.

That’s some pretty decent young depth for a 3-4 setup.

I personally had rather added some speed to come off the edge on obvious passing downs, but that’s just me.

Don’t think we are really hurting for the big bodies there though.

Have to load up on em again next year though.
We seem to really struggle balancing out our classes.

Beanum’s gone, and Taylor will be an OLB in a 3-4. We actually needed a 3-4 NG to redshirt, or play if he could earn it.