Trouble in Red Stick


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Well they are worried about others doing what Greaseball and other blue bloods do! I wonder why they haven’t looked into Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, UNC and others!
Wade won’t get by with it at LSU!
Drew is probably getting a lot of attention right now too!

Good, I’ve always had suspensions about Wade myself. He came into a bad LSU program and instantly started landing top tier talent, and he hasn’t really accomplished much as a head coach. He currently has the #3 recruit class in the nation, with the 3 highest rated recruits being out of state players. Definitely something fishy going on there.

Maybe Wade is continuing what Johnny Jones was doing. Jones got some big time five star players.

Only 5 stars Johnny Jones got was Ben Simmons, Jarell Martin, and Antonio Blakeney. Ben Simmons god father was an assistant and Blakeney was best friends with Simmons, that’s how he landed those guys. And it was just reported this weekend that Martin was paid, plus he was an in-state recruit. Will Wade is landing 5-star out of state recruits with absolutely no prior relationships that link them to the school.

When he starts landing kids from Canada he will be on the an even playing field with Greaseball “Cal”! I just wonder why the emphasis is on him and they continue to let Kentucky, Duke, Kansas and North Carolina skate by.
LSU will get hammered.

I thought Jordan Mickey was a 5 star as well. I remember Mickey and Blakeney were Louisville bound and suddenly switched to LSU. We learned later that both of them were named in the stripper prostitute scandal. And that contributed to them going to LSU, but the suddenness of the switch led to some speculation.