Trooper Taylor and his time at Auburn

A friend of mine, who follows college football much more than I do, calls Taylor “Auburn’s former bag man”.

How tainted is he? Would he be a risky hire because of his time at AU?

As tainted as month-old milk. And that might be an insult to the milk.

As I was saying about a month ago about Joey Freshwater, not only no but HELL NO

After the NCAA slapped the wrists of North Carolina and Ole Miss…they made it obvious that they really don’t care if schools cheat or not. I don’t think it matters that much anymore if you cheat or not. If the NCAA doesn’t care…why should we care about the rules?

Tainted enough that AU–some of the biggest cheaters in the game–didn’t keep him around.

FWIW the Jonesboro people love him and just think he’s the greatest. He has a son who is a good returner on special teams.

He is one of those guys who has landed a lot of recruits and been labeled an “elite recruiter” only to have major NCAA infractions and major cheating rumors follow.

Obviously you think that the death penalty is the only sanction that matters. Ole Miss is not going to recover from that “wrist slap” for about a decade. North Carolina, unfortunately, was another example of NCAA overreach, somewhat similar to the Penn State/Sandusky situation. While both schools were in a regrettable situation, neither one was under the umbrella of the NCAA rulebook. You could argue that UNC covered its own butt by making the ghost courses available to non-athletes, and you might be right, but that takes it out of the “extra benefits” territory.

Trooper has never been found guilty of anything. He recruits in Gray area.

Swine, I wish you knew what you were talking about. But obviously, you don’t. The penalties Ole Miss received were tiny compared to what the NCAA grid showed they should have received. 13 Scholarship losses…please…most people thought 25-30 over 4 years. They will be up and running in 3-5 years. Ole Miss was paying players and committed academic fraud in getting players eligible. USC received 30 scholarship losses for Reggie Bush alone. Ole Miss almost won an SEC Championship…from their perspective…it would have been worth it.

North Carolina got no penalty for the academic problems…no penalty.

Arkansas got pounded several years ago for overpaying some players on their time cards $4000 over a ten year period. The NCAA is a joke. Now, if they had hammered Ole Miss appropriately…they would have been down for a decade like Southern Cal has, but they didn’t. Let the cheating continue.

The Demozette recently named Trooper Taylor’s son it’s Arkansas Sportsman of 2017.

Are there any documented examples of his “gray area” recruiting or is it technically hearsay?

Wish you had a clue. You don’t. Come back in five years and tell me where Ole Miss is. Unless they do the Auburn thing and replace Matt Luke with another ace cheater.

He has not been charged of anything by the NCAA nor convicted. His record is clean. Anyone suggesting or posting otherwise would be guilty of rumor mongering at the least and slander at the worst.

Your statement that “He has not been charged of anything by the NCAA nor convicted. His record is clean. Anyone suggesting or posting otherwise would be guilty of rumor mongering at the least and slander at the worst.” is simply false.

Taylor has been sanctioned by the NCAA, before. He was banned from off-campus recruiting for a short period of time in 2009 for secondary violations. So, you’re just wrong about that.

And, you might want to review what a public figure has to prove in order to bring a successful slander lawsuit. First, truth is an absolute defense.

And, if he overcame the truth hurdle, he would have to prove actual malice (ie that the supposed slanderer knew the statement(s) were false or displayed a reckless disregard for the truth).

In 2012, he was taken off of the recruiting trail at AU and he was the target of an NCAA investigation. That NCAA investigation didn’t result in a finding of violations.

Then, Taylor wasn’t kept around at AU by Malzahn despite being a real rainmaker in recruiting there when Malzahn was OC.

Taylor was the last assistant from Chizik’s 2012 staff to find another job. An old teammate, Blake Anderson, gave Taylor another shot at Ark. St.

Given Taylor’s documented history, and having been the target of multiple NCAA investigations (one of which resulted in sanctions) I’m not as confident as you that Trooper would have much of a slander case. I suppose it depends on what people said and how they said it.

But, a statement that his record with the NCAA isn’t clean is a true statement. That’s not slander or rumor mongering. That’s fact. See below: … id=4713440

That link is all you got? Six coaches were reprimanded for a secondary violation. You’re using that to disparage a man’s character? You had to go back to 2009 to find something? That doesn’t sound like much of a case to me.

Here is another item. He is clear as noted above and a good coach so it appears. … g-47340370

I hate to admit it but Swine is correct. It will be awhile before Ole Miss is a threat to us.

Trooper worked at Tennessee from 2004-2007 under Fulmer. I think he coaches defensive backs at Arkansas St. He has always been an excellent recruiter and one, quite frankly, in the SEC all staffs have to have. Whether or not Coach Chavis would want him working for him is another question but the guy probably could still land a top 10 class.

I didn’t disparage anyone’s character. I stated facts. How did I disparage him? I pointed out when he got into trouble and I pointed out that another time he was investigated and didn’t.

How is that unfair? It’s what happened.

As Notorious pointed out, Taylor got reprimanded by the NCAA. Fair or not, the scuttlebutt was that he was strongly suspected of more, but the NCAA couldn’t prove what it believed. (Remember, the NCAA doesn’t have subpoena power.) My memory is faded, but if I recall, he was at AU just about the time of Cam Newton. And like it or not, fair or not, his reputation is that of a cheater. To bring charges or to convict, one needs solid evidence. However, when it comes to hiring, it’s usually better to avoid someone who has a bad reputation, especially when it’s backed up by at least some solid evidence, as his is.