Trolls in general..........................

…since we are all waiting around for baseball to start and football season to eventually get here, I thought I would throw out some idle thoughts on Trolls.

What is a Troll:

  1. They suddenly show up on the board (usually with generic looking names with no affiliation with Arkansas in the name) and start posting a lot of mostly negative posts about the Razorbacks and/or their Coaches. Any poster who joined the board a few months ago and is posting a lot of almost all negative posts is almost certainly a Troll.
  2. You ask them where they have been posting as a actual Razorback fan and you get ignored, like they don’t want you to go there and see what they have posted before or maybe they never have.
  3. They have just a few negative talking points and they jump in and try to hijack other posts to steer them in their agenda’s direction.
  4. Some of them just like to complain and argue, but some seem to be fans of other schools (ASU, UALR, LSU, etc.) trying to make trouble and encourage negativism on the Hawg Board.
  5. Hawg fans who have legitimate complaints but have a proven track record of seeing both sides of issues and not always tearing the Hogs down are not Trolls and certainly have a right to disagree, point out we got lots of room for improvement, and to not be satisfied when we struggle.

The latest top Troll candidate whose name begins with a little “e” is so obvious it is a little embarrassing. I guess that is a sign that the Hawgs are down when the best Troll you get is a one trick pony so obviously a Troll to be a ridiculous poster like the little “e.” I prefer the Trolls that come on being honest that they are an LSU or some other retard program’s fan and they can hold their own in a discussion. I guess we got to do better on the football field to get non-retarded trolls to want to participate. Kind of sad in a way.


  1. Everyone on here does that.

  2. An actual Troll, who admitted he was an A State fan posted on here, I called him out and told him if he didn’t like me calling him out, he should return to the pink puppy board. I was told by a mod, I could not say that, and as long as the troll followed the rules, he was allowed to post whatever he wanted to on this board. So, the only ones that aren’t allowed to say what they want are the real Hog fans. Keep that in mind when dealing with the trolls. By the way I got a few weeks vacation for saying pink puppies. I notice Swine has never been in trouble for it, guess cause he’s a mod.

I’m not immune to the rules either. I’ve gotten a few PMs from Matt and Marty and a lot more posts deleted. Personally I don’t have any problem with calling them PPs (or worse), and I wouldn’t delete or warn anyone for it.

The mod thought when I said pink puppies it meant something else :smiley:

Pink puppies are very rare, and so are their fans…

My theory on little e, he showed up when Morris got hired. He carries some real hatred in his spleen for Morris and Jerry Jones (who he assumes got Morris the job here, which nothing could be farther from the truth, but he’s in to conspiracies.

So every post he makes is anti Chad Morris or anti Jerry Jones.

Why, we might ask, would a casual poster carry such hatred for these two?

I think he had another horse in the race, due to family connections. My #1 guess is the coach from Memphis, who’s wife had Ft. Smith connections. He really wanted this job, but didn’t get it. Why-there were lots of rumors flying around, and Arkansas appeared to look elsewhere. So, Morris, who lived in Dallas so therefore must be good friends with Jerry Jones, got the job.

Only something like this could explain the level of sudden vitriol he holds toward these two men.

Little e displays all the symptoms of an individual that has endured a long history of habitual self-abuse.

Little e is a good name for him! I like that.

I think Elmo is wrong nine times out of ten… but… please keep posting! The more opinions the merrier IMO!

I don’t allow someone else to change my thoughts or bother me. I figure everyone out pretty fast.

Clay, would that be perceptivity or perceptiveness?
Looking forward, eagerly, to the new issue.

Keep up the good work and don’t retire as long as
you have your health.

One man’s troll is another man’s treasure…