Trivia: Who Am I (Potential DC candidate)

On his defensive scheme:
“It bases out of a 3-4. We’ve created a system where we go quickly from three down linemen to four down linemen and we can get that reduced player wherever we need it to be. That’s part of the overall package. One great thing about basing out of a 3-4 is the element that the offense doesn’t know where the fourth rusher will be coming from. A fourth rusher can come from the field. A fourth rusher can come from the boundary. A fourth rusher can come from the inside.”

On his personality as a coach:
“My personality as a coach is no different than my personality as a person. I try to be the same guy every day. I’m an early-riser. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive in how I operate and how I keep my stuff, my locker, my office, my car and so on. There’s a lot of respect there. I’m very detailed. I would say I’m very aggressive. I’d also say that based on the treatment I received as a player where I was never berated, dehumanized or demoralized by any of my coaches, I carry that over to my own coaching style and how I teach young men. At the same time, I’m still an aggressive person and an aggressive coach. There will be consistency, there will be detail, there will be aggressive coaching. I’m an energized, positive person who loves what I do. It all begins with the players.”

On his history of working with linebackers:
“I’ve been with so many coaches and coordinators that teach their linebackers different ways, there’s a thousand ways to get it done. The fundamentals of teaching begin with running. It’s a running man’s game. You’ll see our linebackers play a little differently than some. There’s not a lot of shuffling and popping the hip or shuffle stack or some of these other words and terms that people are using. It’s more based in running and fits in the system. I would say I’m more in line with how All Groh teaches linebackers. I’d say that fits more with what I believe to be true about linebacker play from playing it myself.”

On recruiting:
“I love recruiting. I’m passionate about it. Most predominately, I’ve recruited New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Florida. Early in my coaching career I was in Chicago and I know that area well. I’ve also recruited in Ohio, Michigan and Virginia based on where I was coaching at the time. Now, recruiting is recruiting. It doesn’t really matter where you go. If you’re asked the questions, you have the answers. If you say you’re going to get the information to the coach or whomever, you promptly get the information to that individual. If you’re diligent, detailed, consistent and forthright, it won’t matter if you are recruiting in Connecticut or Texas or California. That’s what people are looking for.”

Greg Schiano?


Bob Diaco?

Bud Foster?

James Carvill? I hear he’s out of work.

Rob Smith

Gotta be JLSmith or HDNutt, unless his last name is Crowe.

I think you may be on to something… seems like a trick question