Triston Miller....RD or Duds

What’s your gut on him? When does he announce today?


I’m not RD or Dudley. But my gut tells me NC State, but I hope I’m wrong.

Yep…I agree. Hope I’m wrong too.

Considering he told another local reporter yesterday he’s eliminated Arkansas and is between unc and NC state, I don’t like our chances.

Another swing and miss from Fry.

Reporter from NC or here…??

Reporter from here.

NC, or NC St. It must be nice to keep an in-state OL.

I’ve said Arkansas and I’m going to stick with it. As I said in another thread, you always have to worry about an in-state school.

I’m usually a wait-and-see guy and I want to give these coaches a pass to build relationships. However after misses on Buford, Roberson, and bleak chances to get Thomas and Wilkins, I’m losing confidence in Coach Fry. I give him credit for getting Stone and Limmer. I think they are underrated. But if we miss on Miller too, I think it’d be fair to start questioning him.

We’ve missed on Miller, but are actually improving on Wilkins.

It’s NCS.

That’s what I thought…oh well. Gotta get Wilkins or Thomas or preferably both!!

I think it is hard for me to fault kids that stay with the home team. Buford stayed in Mizzou and Roberson went with TT which is close to home. If, for example, Roberson was a kid from Louisiana that had a Tech offer and Ark offer and he chose Tech I would be more upset. I don’t think Thomas was ever an Ark lean, but I really like the headway we are making with Wilkins

I’m on the same boat as you.
Not sure we see Fry on this staff for very long unless he can drastically improve the recruiting.

I think unlike his other young counterparts he doesn’t have a guy he can point to and say he developed him, like Stepp has with Sutton. Plus Stepp seems to be fantastic at developing relationships.

We need the OL to be fixed drastically, but our recruiting isn’t going too hot, we desperately need a guy like Wilkins.

I don’t fault the kids. They go wherever they feel wanted and where they can play & win. I get that. Also I can understand that recruits don’t feel comfortable jumping on Ark when the only thing we’ve proved the past few years is that we are either middle of the pack or the basement dwellers of the SEC

It is frustrating to see a lot of OL misses when this is a position that we desperately need to recruit well in this class. I get there are more options out there, and they will likely offer more as the season comes. But it does have the look that a lot of our “first choices” are going elsewhere. And I am not seeing the turnaround for Wilkins. He still seems to be an OU lean to me.

Very, very early. Not even close to hitting the panic button.

I agree.

Just going off of what Chad said when he made some comments early on along the lines of if you aren’t getting it done you’ll be replaced. Still a lot of time to get some good recruits, but we need some momentum for sure.

How many P5 offensive lineman does the state of TX produce each year? Seems this staff should concentrate their efforts there if their connections are as good as CCM says they are.

we missed Luke Jones too… Ole Miss and Miss State both had new coaches the same time we did

I agree with Richard