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Why is a posters statement ridiculous? Is your opinion always right? We’re you born on Christmas Day over 2000 years ago? He has an opinion that is just as valuable as yours. One thing we know is you both have something in common. You both love the hogs. Sounds Pelosi vs Trump. That’s what’s wrong with the world. People cant differ civilly. All I know is that those not totally happy w Anderson, when they offer their opinion, get slammed, called names, ridiculed, yet those posters rarely retaliate with personal attacks, they don’t viciously attack , call names, ridicule like those staunch Anderson supporters do. Disagree all you wish but it’s true.

General, I agree with most of what you said, however, I don’t believe CMA has as big a leash as he would have had with Long. Yuracek’s (sp?) comment about he hasn’t been here long enough to make the decision about naming the court after Nolan, is kinda foreshadowing he has the mindset of those we are arguing with. Unfortunately, I believe that’s a mistake, but I’m not the AD.

We’ll see I guess.

That’s not true. Plenty of fans have made comments against Anderson that neither I or others have debated. Heck, you can go back to the WKU game thread and see me condemn Anderson taking Sills out of the game when he was killing them on his drives to the basket. Anyone around here knows basketball is my passion sport, but if you make a good point against Anderson I won’t say a thing, I might even agree with you. But if you make a point that is either debatable(one of the points of the forum) or outright wrong, then discussions will be held.

Rarely retaliate?! HAHAHA!!! Have you seen the comments over the years made towards me. I admit I can be annoying when it comes to basketball and I don’t mind people saying so. But over the years, I’ve been threatened, had profanity used towards me, called a very nasty name based on Anderson’s ethnicity, and even had one poster who is no longer on the boards threaten to beat my son and me if he ever saw us at a game. So no, what you said is not true, at least in my case.

You got that part right :wink:

Arkansas has a good program.

It does not have a great one.

As someone who has written a book on the history of Arkansas basketball, I would say it has had a great program for a total of about 16 of the seasons since its inception under Francis Schmidt in 1923.

But I do not feel it is a mediocre one.

I believe Arkansas has a top 100 basketball team.

There are 356 college basketball programs.

So I dub it good.

I know people want great, but there have not been many years when it has been one in the big scheme of things.

Some people use games won in the NCAA Tournament as the barometer of mediocre, good and great.

That’s fair and I lean to that.

But others have differing opinions.

Doesn’t make them right or wrong.


Every time we lose a game, people crawl out from under a rock and start posting inanities. Mike can’t coach, the game has passed him by, yadda yadda. Win a few, they crawl back under the rock until the next loss.

I’m surprised there wasn’t more of this after the WKU game actually. I know $tan$bury bou…, uh, landed that stud, but WKU is still a Scum Belt program. GTech was coming off a bad loss, but they’re still ACC and Josh Pastner is a decent coach.

well i apologize general but i haven’t seen that, but sometimes i don’t even read through all the posts. if you feel i ever slammed you personally i apologize, but i don’t think i have. we all say things in the heat of battle. heck i even liked elmo’s posts even though they vastly differed from mine on coach morris. i never saw the things that got him banned. i like reading different opinions, makes one think, and yes see where an opposing opinion is coming from.

dudley make some good points, however i differ a top 100 program is good. top 30 maybe. anything below that is a big disappointment to me. but that’s just my opinion.

i was brought up, being from eastern arkansas, and memphis state basketball. they were very good, missouri valley conference at that time was better than the swc. then upon arriving in fayetteville, 1972, i went to lanny van eman games and loved watching martin terry and i think it was tyson play up tempo before its time was in vogue, but we were not good. then came sutton and everything changed. well coached, usually always in the mix, great recruiting, barnhill still had a dirt floor around the stands his first year. then nolan ball. wow… first two years were not up to par, john robert starr had a scathing article almost every day it seemed slamming him. then it took off. we used to get a suite at reunion arena and watch arkansas dominate that tourney almost every year. stomp teams senseless. awesome to see. they a final four, then we go back to back, win it all in 1994 and almost in 1995.

one last thing, i was sitting at my desk in downtown little rock, and a very prominent booster came to me, knowing how big a fan i was, and asked me to write down 3 choices for a coach when sutton walked to kentucky. my first choice was nolan richardson. he smiled, and said, you are right, that is our next coach.


Not at all. I’ve never felt you were attacking my personally. To be clear, if you think what I’m saying is wrong call it out. Like you, I actually do like reading different opinions. I’ll debate till the cows come home if I disagree, but I do enjoy them for the most part. I told my wife I’d calm it down on the message boards and maybe I should simmer down again, but basketball season fires me up. I’ve been a lot more active because I can’t go to many of the games this year, so I have to watch from home.

Same here, what I do is hit quote, write a scathing and mostly disrespectful reply, then not hit post, go back to the quote and write something better thought out and not in violation of board rules :smiley:

I’m proud to be a Razorback fan and at times take things to seriously, having said that I think we should be continuously building upon sucess until you are in the the top 25 at least. I think this is a realistic expectation from most all our sports programs here at Arkansas, if a head coach is unable to reach this goal after a suitable time then you need to look at moving forward, i see no reasons to be “settlers” or woe is me. WPS

Problem is, what is a suitable time? We had people who wanted Morris fired right after the Colorado State game. At some point you have to suck it up and say we’re going to need X amount of time to get where we want to get. Petrino got us to a New Year’s Six bowl in three years, but in three more years we were 0-8 in the SEC (i.e., couldn’t recruit well enough to sustain it, treat people like humans or keep his pants on). Very arguable that if Ryan Mallett is happy in Ann Arbor, none of that happens.

If we can’t “settle” for a 3-4 year growth plan, we risk cycling through coach after coach while we’re “not settling”. We saw what happened in basketball. It took 15 years after Nolan’s departure to get to where we were even a consistent NCAAT team.

You just can’t play musical chairs with head coaches and expect to build a program. CMA has had a tough job getting the hogs competive. Making the Dance and recruiting better. In my opinion our basketball team is in good hands.

Our football team time will tell. We all see the results of the recruiting on paper. But one class won’t get it done. It takes 2 or 3 good classes to really make a huge impact. CCM and his staff have an uphill climb. My hope is for fans to flush the record for the 18 season and not count it against him. But what happens in the next 3 to 4 years the majority of our fans will count every game from the time he arrived on the hill. If the hogs aren’t winning 9 to 10 games a year they may be hollering to fire him. We all need CCM to win enough to be able to remain the Head coach for 10 years or longer. We are in a tough football conference.

Suitable time (4-5 years minimum) if the team is showing improvement each year & players grasping the offense & defense schemes, Recruiting consistently good, getting better classes each year, hopefully.
For the next 2-3 years we need to beat some of the other lower to mid tier SEC teams from the east & west, (Vandy, Mizzu, OM, Miss St, UK, Tenn, etc. types).
If we steal 2 or 3 or more wins from the upper tier teams in that 2-3 year span would be big big, (Bama, Aub, GA, aTm, LSU, FL types).

Very good to great game Coaching required to get back to mid / upper tier competitive again.
While we pulled in a very good top 15-20 recruiting class, the upper tier programs mentioned are pulling in top 5-10 classes including #’s 1, 2, 3 classes & have been doing so consistently.
We really need to crack the top 10 in recruiting & hopefully hover in that area for a few years.
Asking a lot, more than lot. But I’m sure CCM & Staff feel the same if they want to compete in this SEC.

I’m not able to determine what a suitable time would be, it will take a board that sets aside all factors except what is in the best for our program moving forward. Coaches are rewarded handsomely for their efforts and it’s no different than any other job across the country, when you stop being productive you stop being a asset and start being a liability. This has to be a business decision and that takes laying aside, friendship, longevity and prior sucess if in a extended down trend or at a plateau for a extended period short of expectations. WPS

I’m not sure how many caught the comment by the announcers in the last game. This is the YOUNGEST team in Division I basketball. I remember in the Texas game the announcers commenting on the fact every player in the game at that time it was their first collegiate game. It seems like only Ky. could get away with something like that and they even usually struggle at the beginning of the year.
No one is more frustrated than me right now. I hate to mention age because I am there also there but it seems like CMA just doesn’t have the same fire he had. Probably not this year, but he will have us back into the tourney in the next when these guys mature. He will always have us in the top 20 to 30 programs which is not where anyone wants it. But, if I am the AD, I need to focus on the FB team. I think we made a gamble on CCM and we have a while to see if it pays off. He can’t afford another gamble at this point.