Trim the fat...

There are guys on this team that cannot play at this level. Some are undersized and just not skilled enough to play in the places they play. Lets hope they move on after the season and we can bring in some contributors.

The only one who absolutely drives me crazy is Osabuohien. For everything he does well, he’ll do something equally foolish later on. Bailey is a good role player, but the last few games he’s fallen off the wagon. Hopefully, he pulls it together.

The guys you want to leave are they walk ons or scholarship players ? WPS

This has been going on for 8 years. Don’t see that changing.

Let the season play out. There is plenty of talent and potential on this team.

The roster will look different next season than it does now and I’m not just talking about Justice.

Wait and see.

Yea & there will be complainers about that roster to.

Dudley, I am just guessing, but I believe it will be at least four people. Do you think more or less?

You can change the roster all you want but you’ll get the same mediocre results until you change the coaching staff.

So what you have been seeing the last 5, 6, 7 years has been same results with all of the different rosters.
I guess anything from a 17 win season to a 27 win season all lumps into same category (mediocre) in your world.

Ridiculous statement.

Two NCAA wins in 7 seasons is mediocre at best. Making the tournament less than 50% of the time is mediocre. The play we’ve seen so far this year is mediocre. We have a sufficiently large sample from which to draw conclusions. I have very little hope that this staff can do what it will take to make Razorback basketball relevant again.

You must have really loved the 15 years prior to the last seven.

I know two more for sure. Are you thinking more than that?

The only person I’m mad at is myself… I bought into the six wins and didn’t edit for the youth and other glaring weaknesses. I will immediately package up the team and regift, too late for a refund.

It’s hard to read some of the comments in the thread. Some folks must have loved the pittiful year of Heath and The Kentucky hero. I for one didn’t.
We have won our fair share in the past few years. Look up the numbers. This years hogs are young and will make mistakes.
It’s sure not the coaches fault.
There may be some players on the bench that haven’t performed well lately that’s not CMA’s fault either. He’s pretty smart and will make additions to the team. If there’s dead weight and he knows that a player won’t make an impact he talk to that player. CMA is a class act and I’m glad we have him coaching our basketball team.

Yeah, lets just ignore the 9 seasons and probations that made Arkansas a dumpster fire that Anderson took over.

Fire all the fat people?

You have to be kidding yourself if you think it takes anywhere near 8 years to rebuild a basketball program. You could start one from scratch and be damn good within 4 or 5 years, or less. Rick Barnes has Tennessee in the top 5 in his third season. Look at what Chris Beard has done, first at UALR and now at Texas Tech. There are many other examples. Mike is loyal to a fault to his staff and he’s made this program a perennial bubble team. What we’ve seen is what we’re likely going to get with Mike, and for me that’s just not good enough. If he misses the tournament this year we need to make the change.

First off we are not rebuilding a basketball program right now. Second within 4-5 years of Anderson being here, we’ve got a damn good program. Third, those two men didn’t take over dumpster fires like Anderson did. The coaches before Beard and Barnes at their current schools recruited well and now they are the beneficiaries of not having to start all over. Anderson took over a losing program that was losing recruits and put on probation, so Anderson’s job was tougher than the other two coaches. Fourth, bubble team? Do you even know what that means? The 3 times we’ve made the tourney in the last 4, we were securely planted into the tournament. Lastly, your opinion is your opinion, but you are ignoring key facts to make a point that isn’t there. And if we don’t make the tourney this year, the only reason Anderson won’t be back is if he retires.