Tried this before: how many foul shots

For them vs us?

These refs were just atrocious but what else is new. We get called for touch fouls and they were over the back numerous times with no foul. There was no way we were going to win this game.
And the announcers were so pro-Missouri, I had to mute them.

The way the road team gets treated by the SEC refs is essentially criminal. This seems to happen every time we play on the road. Opposing team gets double the free throw attempts and is allowed to slap/hack/decapitate with no call. SEC home cooking is hard to watch. Not much different than football I guess. Every time we play football at Bama or Florida it’s the same thing.

I thought we made silly fouls when out of position on defense

It does seem that way, but if so it must be with the approval of the SEC colleges. It also seems that Kentucky gets the calls in their favor. However, they only get one vote so I find it hard to believe the other 13 colleges would permit that. I don’t believe it is like it was in the old SWC where too often if was Arkansas with one vote vs all the Texas colleges.

Barford shoots 0 foul shots after multiple hand grabbing lay up attempts— C.J. gets knocked into the stands after 3point attempt— no foul— could fill the page with more examples

I agree with the refs.

But we don’t attack the rim.

When down we resort to hero ball outside jumpers with no chance at getting fouled.

Many teams when down work it inside to at least get fouled and to the line.

That’s how Roy Williams and others have won close ones their whole careers.

We don’t always give ourselves a chance to win on the road because we settle for stratefybof hoping long jumpers fall to come back.

Obviously you missed the last 10 minutes of the Duke-UNC game last night.

Ha. Yes, I should not talk in absolutes. Point well taken.

I still believe however that we shoot more free throws if we attack the rim more.

Did you guys miss Macon getting fouled twice on a drive and than having to convert with contact without a call? It’s not how many FTAs they got. It’s how many we got. Gafford shot 4 FTAs on 10 FGAs. Tillmon shot 9 FTAs on 10 FGAs. Beard got knocked to the floor twice on drives without a call. Perhaps those were good blocks, but Thompson got called for a foul on the same sort of play. He also got called for a foul for not getting out of the way after Tillmon lowered his shoulder and knocked him back a couple of times. It was pretty obvious that we were going to have suffer a lot more contact than they were inside. 15 of our 56 FGAs were treys. 24 of their 48 attempts were treys, and they shot 33 FTAs to our 15 FTAs.

The same thing happens to teams that come in to Bud Walton.

I’m a big Hog fan but wasn’t blind to the fact that Auburn was getting hosed with the same no calls & ticky tack calls that we gripe about when our Hogs are on the road. Teddy V was our best friend most of the night.

Our players seem to try too hard to draw contact instead of just going aggressively at the rim or shooting the jump shot so that it goes in. Just play for the make and let the fouls happen when we are lucky enough to have them called. Stop jumping into contact or bailing out on a jumpshot trying to get a foul call.