Trial begins in Adidas hoops case

A lot of big names in college basketball will be discussed, including Bill Self and Rick Pitino. Opening statements indicate there was a bidding war between Louisville and a Nike school for Brian Bowen. Or should I say THE Nike school: Oregon. Whose coach, as you may recall, once ran screaming out of Fayetteville back to Omaha.

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If a new school like Oregon comes up within the first hour of the trial, I suspect there will be more big programs whose dirty laundry gets aired as testimony continues.

We will see but I’m skeptical that anything comes out of this at this point.

Last year all we heard about was how this was all going to hinder the '19 and '20 classes for these schools but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference. Heck it was suppose to be a big help to us and we ended up whiffing on more guys in one recruiting cycle than I can remember.

NCAA is more than happy to piggyback off the FBI investigation and the courts. FBI has subpoena and perjury power. NCAA has neither. And court testimony also carries a perjury penalty. The gumshoes in Indianapolis will have a whole boatload of leads to follow. It’s not going to happen right away; Oregon, for instance, is not going on probation this winter. But I guarantee you that there are some nervous people in Eugene now and other schools will follow. Jeff Long may get to earn his big paycheck in Lawrence now.