Treylon replacement options?

What do y’all think on the option’s of taking Treylon’s position? Rocket, Knox, Jackson?

I think Jackson will get a shot as the replacement

For the bowl game…… someone already in the WR room. No idea who might step up, but I figure KJ might target 6-8 receivers in Tampa.

For next year, I think the idea of moving Rocket will be entertained, and the talent/readiness of Hasselwood and M’bake will factor in to the decision to do it or not.

It would be interesting to see D Johnson in the backfield with Rocket at WR on a few plays. K Jackson has looked good while has been in , that 40 yd reception he had against Mizz was outstanding

BTW when does Hasselwood become a Razorback?

And play…

Haselwood will not play in the Outback Bowl. Bryce Stephen’s and Ketron move up. Both are extremely talented. I really liked what I saw of Stephens returning punts against LSU.

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I believe Haselwood’s reporting at the break, will be here for spring practice.

Great opportunity for younger players to get a head start on establishing themselves. Wish Burks success and appreciate all he did as a player and representative of my University, but now I am ready to have similar feelings for new and different players.

Really wanted him to stay at PR the rest of the year. He was a threat every time he touched it.

This is a fwiw, but talked to an OU fan this am who said Hasselwood never panned out and he hoped he would be better for us. Of course the OU fan was also pretty PO’d.

I have said all along that if Domique remains #1 at RB and if AJ Green has the sort of spring and fall camp that many seem to think he will (since he essentially missed both this year) then I would definitely entertain moving Rocket…and playing much like we did Burks.

It is unusual to keep most of your running backs healthy. Better protect depth there.

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You don’t replace a Treylon. One of the best to wear a Razorback uniform. What a warrior we were fortunate to have on our team.


Absolutely agree. Super talent and teammate.

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During the season it wasn’t unusual to read fans noting that Burks didn’t get the max number of touches that fan thought appropriate. The diversity of touches around the offensive players was partially because Burks was used as a decoy. He can’t serve in that capacity now. But, some of it was to stress defenses because of the many weapons we have at our disposal.

At times, KJ has had a strong connection to Thompson or Morris. I think Stephens has a special gear that will benefit from bowl reps - maybe he gets touches vs Penn State. Jackson came on strong late in the year, I thought, against really tough competition. Knox is now a fully-realized weapon whereas early he was lost. Henry might actually be healthy. A stable of healthy RBs, including one (Sanders) who sure looks like Burks, depending on the development of elite hands, and another (Green) with freaky speed if he can get some space.

We won’t have Burks, but teams have to replace studs every year. The mediocre programs moan that they won’t have another for X number of years. Heck, we have to go back to Keon Hatcher to find a WR remotely as versatile and talented as Burks. That is too long. As an emerging monster program, we should prepare ourselves for someone else to emerge as an All-SEC candidate and a go-to stud. We can all remember Burks fondly as the stud who helped lead us out of the forest, but also realize he was just the first.

I get it. Only a few programs enjoy that type of replacement quality - but if you want to be Bama or Ohio State you better have an understanding of how they do it. They replace their studs every year.


I should have said for the bowl game. His position has to be replaced.

Good time for someone else to step up! Not sure who it will be but some kids are built for this moment

I personally expect to see more of Ketron Jackson and Bryce Stephens. Sam Pittman said after the bye week that Stephens moved up to Arkansas’ No. 2 slot behind Treylon Burks. With him gone, might see Stephens get a few more snaps. Jackson is super talented. He’ll play more. May also mean more targets for De’Vion Warren, Warren Thompson and Tyson Morris. Got to fill Burks’ role by committee.

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I think that is exactly what happens. Warren can run the misdirection plays as could Rocket. Morris is reliable and Stephens and Ketron can take the top off of defenses. We still have players, but 16 was just special.

I don’t think we can “replace” Burks we will put someone in his “space” but will not take his “place”.This is a great time for others to step up,I started a thread on this yesterday.I really like Jackson bc he has the speed and physicality that made Burks unique and the player that he was.
I don’t think Rocket will play WR in the bowl but I would LOVE to see him there next fall,I love AJ Green and think he would be a star if he gets the starting role and we have DJ as well so we could easily move him to the position he is most natural at and he proved that with the catch he made against Bama.

We are bringing in some absolute studs at WR so Rocket to WR may not happen but he is Burks Jr IMO so we will see.

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