Treylon Burks…

just made a spectacular catch for a TD against the Eagles. He took a shot to the helmet and held on to the ball.

They are tending to him now in the end zone.


He did walk back to the sideline on his own.


Was a Great catch!!

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His head hit the turf pretty hard as well.

And a personal foul on the defender (15 yards) for the helmet to helmet hit. It was really scary to see. It seemed he lay motionless for about 30 seconds.

ESPN play by play says Burks’ return is questionable. I didn’t see the hit, but as described here I’d be very surprised if he comes back. I suspect he’ll be in protocol.

He was laid out on the ground for a couple of minutes without much movement before he got up. Maybe next week.

Excellent catch. Not many would make that catch AND hang on thru contact!

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