Treylon Burks

Hearing he’s really excited about the more physical practices under Pittman.


that is not surprising at all, TB is such a stud. one of our few players who didn’t seem afraid of Auburn and LSU and Bama.

so much like McFadden, he would be great at LB or safety


Great news! Burk’s is a stud.

That’s great to hear,I was worried he might think we were going to ground and pound offense and want to leave.

Burks is an NFL talent, as we all know. Great competitor with all the tools. Get him the ball. He needs at least 75 catches and 1000 yards next year. Why Morris didn’t utilize him on a bad team is just strange.

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Burks is not only a great talent, but his hustle and effort really stood out on a team that was often playing to just get to the final gun. CSP will eliminate those players that don’t play wide open and good things will be coming to those who hustle and play wide open. It probably will take some time to get there, but I believe that steady progress will start this spring and continue through the next couple of years. I think that football will be fun again and I think that CSP will have a strong, winning football team.

Got to recruit more Burks at every position.

Another 20-25 just like Burks would have Finebaum crying with CNS after the hogs stomp the Tide.

Burks could be an all SEC linebacker or safety. Super player. Better young man. And he loves Arkansas and the Razorbacks.

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Burks just made 2nd team all SEC as return man. That’s what hustle and hard work will get you. When even playing with some slackers.

Kudos to Burks making all SEC Freshman team at wide receiver. His performance should be something his teammates aspire to. I believe that we will be much better all around than we have been and I think that Burks will be a team leader for the next 2 years. I am really glad he is a Razorback through and through.

No doubt Burks is a football player period. Others need to step up around him and I believe they will as defenses will start to concentrate on him.