Treylon Burks

Treylon Burks had a season ending injury. What is his injury? How bad is the injury?

I hope that he will be ready for summer workouts. This young man is the real deal and we definitely need a big,fast receiver for CCM’s offense to work.

It was reported to be a torn ACL occurring in a non-contact drill. I understand he had surgery last weekend. Looks like a six month rehab, so maybe by mid summer he can start serious workouts.

It wasn’t during a drill, it was during the Dumas game, but was a non-contact injury while he was on defense. So, while running or planting his leg for a move, etc…

The same thing just happened to my son, non-contact ACL and meniscus. Interesting observation from his PT Dr. was that his hip flexibility was not optimal, could have possibly contributed to knee…