Treylon Burks...I hate it when people do this.

Is he the best athlete to roll through Arkansas High School since Basil Shabbazz?

I saw the catch earlier today from practice and just thinking about size, speed, hands…this are gifts that God gives to few people.

And that’s not even the catch from yesterday’s practice which was better.

In interviews today, safety Joe Foucha said Treylon reminds him a little bit of Julio Jones in terms of his size and ability to catch almost everything thrown his way.

Treylon is special in his ability to focus on details, too. He is gifted in many ways. Just needs to stay healthy.

He needs to be given every opportunity to be a star this yr,no need in slow playing him,if he’s 100% needs to start game 1 kid is special.

He’s earning his way to doing that, but he must indeed earn it, not just be given it because we all like him and what we think he could be.

Would not be fair to the others. Too much of that seemingly went on with the last coaching staff.

Suddenly the WR room has several playmakers.

i hear morris, and today foucha talk about burkes. foucha really praised him. yet he’s running 4th team on a depth chart i saw. not into giving anybody anything, but if he’s got that kind of talent, i hope the coaching staff doesn’t pull a McFadden on him. i think it was a vanderbilt game in fayetteville, i think we lost, when nutt didn’t play him much if any at all. play em if they are the best. period.

In now way, shape or form is he a fourth team WR

That depth chart may be confused because the second and fourth teams work on a different field form the first and third team.

I know he has been on the first team field at least some and the comments about him are coming from first-team defenders.

We played too conservatively and slowly, agonizingly choked away a lead to Vandy in Fayetteville. DMAC and Felix combined for one carry, or very close to that.

I know revisionists like to say that HDN gave us our best SEC years, and he certainly has his strengths, but man that game was a great example of why he had to go. Ugh, wish you hadn’t brought that up, lol


HDN was just so inconsistent. He beat the national champion on their own field in his last game, but lost to Vandy (albeit Vandy with Jay Cutler, who played 12 years in the Show).

It’s true that DMac and Felix barely played that night (it was their second game as freshmen; they carried one time each, plus both were on kickoff returns), but it’s not like we couldn’t run the ball. De’Arrius Howard rushed for 139 yards. Cutler threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, Robert Johnson got sacked on third and two and we had a three-and-out in between. Also let them convert a fourth and 10 and had a PI for a first down on the winning drive. I’d blame the defense for that one, frankly, that and the 88 yards in penalties to 9 for Vandy.

I was at that game and still remember Cutler hitting slant after slant after slant and we simply couldn’t stop it. Not sure I’ve ever left a stadium as mad as I did that night!

I totally agree Dudley he should earn it but IMO sometimes I think we slowplay some of these high talent guys b/c they are true freshmen.I’m just saying give him his shot at running with the 1’s some and see if he is indeed the best option,don’t just always stick him with 2-3’s b/c he’s a FR.Talent like his is special and when you have someone like that you can’t treat him like everybody else.Burks and Knox can play with anybody IMO and I just hope we get to see that sooner than later.

I agree with ol dd as well, he should earn it. My problem is, unless I have missed the big flashing light somewhere, that not a soul from the media ever suggested that the previous regime awarded positions based on seniority. I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

Interesting. Could you elaborate more on that?

Perfect statement until last sentence Clay…haha…Shhhhhhhhh…don’t say that too loud sir! :smiley:

What a terrible throw.