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I think all of us would love to have a 14 million dollar guaranteed contract. Now, he just needs to show up to his potential. People make a big deal about his fishing and hunting. You can have a full time job and still enjoy both. I’m retired now, but try to walk to a pond to fish a few times a week. I’m usually only out of the house for an hour or so, but that seems to give me my fix. I suspect if I had his money, I might be out a bit more, with a guide, on a lake. But, I doubt that he will overdo it. One of my high school classmates has a pond near her house in NW Arkansas where he fished. She said he acted like a young kid just having fun. If he keeps that attitude, works hard, he’ll be just fine.

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An hour of fishing can be a great stress release. Makes all my troubles go away, especially if I leave phone off.

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Or this one that I caught on Monday in a local pond about a block from my house. 24 inches. She had recently spawned. Had a huge head and mouth, but slimmed down body.

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