Like the fact he can pass like a guard, but would love to see him develop an inside game and some aggressiveness on D.

This team could do some damage down the stretch if we can get some guys like Trey on fire.

Of course would love to see Cook finish his career strong as well as we need everyone down the stretch

The train has left the station on Trey developing much in the next three weeks, but we need him to play his best down the stretch. As far as Cook I agree it’s mental but the talent on this roster for the most part has surpassed him as I’m sure he recognizes and I rather our young guys be getting his minutes. I thank Cook for being a Razorback and was much needed when we got him and is still useful in certain situations and wish him the best in the future after his tenure with the Hogs. WPS

Trey did help our DPG with an attempt.

Well said my man!

Trey has been huge on defense for the past few years. He give everything he has.
I’m proud he is a hog! He will be a key player in every game we play!

He’s insurance against Gafford fouling out. That’s his role.

I’m afraid you may be right. I hope he finds some aggressive D at the least. Seems he lets people drive past him a lot for scores. Almost like he can’t wait for the season to end. We need him on fire at least on D and finishing his career strong imo.

Amen, Trey has been part of the glue the last few years that has come in and held things together while Kingsley and Gafford lingered in foul trouble. He has actually been one of the most important parts of this roster that may not be appreciated enough, all you have to do is think about who on our bench could have filled in like he has when called on so many times. Hope Gafford can pickup some of Treys passings skills which are unique for a big man,when Trey comes into the game he can expose poor defensive guards of the opponent which helps make up for his lack of scoring although he has a good mid range shot. He’s a grinder and we will need him down the stretch no doubt. WPS

Really liked Trey’s activity on the glass tonight. You’d obviously like for him to finish a couple of those bunnies, but he gave Mike Anderson everything he had. Mike, after the game, said Trey had a low-grade fever and he had to give TT a bit of a pep talk beforehand to get him ready to go.

Mike said on the postgame shiw that he told Trey about a certain player who scored 40 points playing with fever. During the game I felt there was something not right with Trey. He is slower on feet than rest of the team and has low elevation when he jumps, but today he looked ultra slow and hardly getting any lift off the floor.

I agree PJ. He looked slower. I have seen more fire from him in the past even as a role player. So hoping he finds his want and plays strong until the final bell of his college career.

long bounces on rebounds that he got 10 feet from the basket, serendipity and not skill. Better to be lucky than good in this case. NO physical presence which is nothing new. He is the Bijohn of basketball. Is he engaged or wanting to be engaged?? Nice guy who did not up his game for his senior year. He is consistent and has been for awhile which can absolutely be a good thing.That missed dunk looked sad.

I give him a pass on the dunk. He was sick.