Not trying to bash, but was hoping for more. Thought he really improved Fr-So seasons, but has regressed this year. The truth is he looks like he’s picked up some bad weight. Thoughts?

I agree. His body language seems to be of a person not enjoying the game. My question is, with him graduating early, will he transfer down to a mid-major. He does not seem like a fit for a high D-1 team.

I agree. He really hasn’t done much this year, picks up a lot of bad fouls really quick. Not sure what’s going on, but his minutes keep dropping every game. Think he only played like 5 mins last night.

He better step it up though, he’s got competition coming in next year in Gafford and I’m sure they’ll be looking for another big to come in as well if he doesn’t progress.

That’s a good question. If his minutes keep dropping and he graduates early he may choose to go down to a lower level as a grad transfer and play immediately. TBH, system may not be the best fit for him, he’s more of a traditional get it to the post big man. Usually the big men that thrive in this system are high energy guys that get a lot of hustle baskets and can really get up and down the floor well, like Kingsley and Portis.

That maybe why the coaching staff is hard after the bigs at Southwest Christian.

He had a lot of bad weight before he got here. He lost it and looked good. He has gained a lot back.

I was afraid of that. I don’t see him having much impact at this weight and physique.

He’ll look better when we start playing teams with high-major size.

I thing he has looked solid in the meager playing time he got so far. He has the best hands on the team, he has better hook shot and post moves in general than anyone else, he rebounds as well as anyone other than Moses, and he is probably the best passer of the bigs although Moses is improving greatly. I would like to see him get more minutes before writing him off. We will need him in tournament time. I haven’t seen anything from dt and cook to make me think we can hang with the top 25 bigs.