Trey Thompson

How did this guy get a scholarship?

I’m sorry but he’s just terrible, it’s like he gets worse every game.

In case you just started following the hogs last year Trey came up huge. Without him we would have not made the Dance. He may not be perfect but he leaves all he has on the court.
The last time I checked I was perfect either. How about YOU?

It is fair to say he is playing terribly. Because he is. Slow and looks to be out of shape. But he may contribute at some point. He is what he is.

He is playing very poorly, people have figured out the backdoor cuts.

While I’m much more loyal to football, I’m certainly no newcomer to basketball.

I’ve never thought Trey was good enough to be in a major D1 league. He’s had some good moments but overall lacks the athleticism and skill. His really poor play this year just sticks out.

Now, someone who has impressed me is Beard. He looks worlds better to me this year.

Thompson’s passing and decision making was off last night, and that’s where he contributes on offense. I think he and I have the same vertical jump, so he is never going to be much of a shot blocker and has to have good position to rebound effectively. But he is a very experienced guy who can be productive in his role, as long as you are not expecting him to be as good as Gafford. He’s got to focus on what he can do effectively to give Gafford a chance to rest.

Teams that can put multiple athletic bigs on the floor at the same time, like MSU, are always going to be trouble for Thompson. Bailey is our best answer for those teams, as he brings some inside athletic ability which Thompson lacks. But Bailey is still very much a developing player. Hopefully by February Bailey will have come along a bit more, so that he can play the four when Thompson is in the game to give the second unit better play inside.

With that said he had 5 rebs and 2 blks in around 13 minutes. He can hurt us on switches and is not a threat. Overall he is not a bad 2nd string C.

He is what he is, but I think you are being a little over the top in his criticism. It’s a shame he can’t be in better shape (of course my wife would say the same thing).

Trey Thompson looked much better at PK80 and up until the last 2 games. I have always like Trey and his passing. He has not been playing good for the 2nd game in a row. Bad lazy passing. Is he sick? Gafford was having to play too many minutes because Trey is such a liability the last 2 games.