Trey Thompson

may play a big part in tomorrow’s game. I think we will see a lot of Trey and Moses together with Trey being responsible for blocking their big center out on the boards.

Let’s hope so! If Trey and Mosses both have a good game it equals a Hogs win!

Trey has come a long way, he may very well be the most improved player from last year on this team. He’s playing with a purpose and sees the floor as well as anyone we have, we always seem to pick up easy baskets when he comes into the game, he will play a important part in determining how far we go in the tournament. WPS

Trey is the ultimate role player. Plays to his strengths and doesn’t try to do too much.

Moses must play well on both ends of the floor for us to win. I would start Moses and Thompson and put Thompson on the Seton Hall big guy. If Trey fouls out…so be it. Then put Moses on him.

Seton Hall is such a great rebounding team…I hope we play quite a bit of zone and pack it in. Make them beat us by shooting the ball from the outside. We need more guys near the rim…

This will be an interesting matchup to see which team can play their brand of ball best.

I owe Trey a lot of kind words. For much of this season I was overly critical of him and his contributions to the team.

Then about a dozen games ago I noticed that he was getting key rebounds and making incredible passes which often resulted in layups. Trey has been a solid contributor to the success of the team and now we know that when Moses is not on the floor, we still have a strong player in the middle. When they’re both on the floor it gives us a different look which opponents must take into account.

Thanks, Trey!