Trey Thompson Comparison

Most people compare Trey to Oliver Miller for the passing/assist. However, as far as assist go, I compare Trey to former Hog Jim Counce. Dr Counce led the Razorbacks 1977-77 Final 4 team in assists (119 Assists). He was a 6โ€™7 forward that played at the top of the key and passed to Sidney Moncrief, Ron Brewer Sr, and Marvin Delph. Great basketball. :slight_smile:

I saw it in real time.

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Dr. Counce was a doctor of defense in those days. He was considerably smaller than Trey, but probably a little quicker. I think Trey has a nice offensive game in him that is just waiting for the right moment to bust out. I still wish Trey would have red shirted his first year. I would love to have him for two more years.

Trey will likely be a major part of our success next season.
It really would be great if we had him for two more years.

He is fun to watch, amazing skills for a big. He seems to have
a high basketball IQ.

Wasnโ€™t Counce such a low offensive threat that he was always open if Sidney or Ron drove to the basket. Somehow, that was supposed to be a huge advantage of his no offense all defense playing style. I still donโ€™t understand that one. Why would your man always being able to double down on any other Arkansas player with the ball (never having to worry about you scoring) be an advantage?

Eddie Sutton coached a motion offense with constant movement. I remember watching games and all you hear was Eddie screaming move, move. At 6โ€™7 Counce was able to see the floor, pass to cutters or Marvin Delph on the wing or in the corner for open jumpers. Cutters did not have to always go the rim.They would sometimes pull-up for mid range jumpers. With no shot clock, the Hogs would spread the floor and go to work making teams try to guard for extended periods of time.

Jim Counce had a good shot also he like Trey have more of the team in mind. On the team with the triplets he did not have to score.
I really donโ€™t want to compare Trey to other Razorbacks. He is a unique talent for a big man. The best is yet to come for Trey. Trey has the ability to lead next years hogs and be a double double threat on a game by game basis. He will probably have a double double in the Florida game. He could score in double figures any game he wanted too. He has the vision to dish out assist, get to the spot and get a steal and take up space and secure a rebound. We are a better team with him on the floor.
This years should be at the top of the list for all of us to be hopeful for. We have everything on this team to make the sweet 16. have some faith in this group of hogs.
This season to this point we are 2 bad losses from being ranked in the top 25 and receiving a 6 seed in the Dance.
By this time next week we may be ranked anyway.