Trey Schaap tweet

I think it’s going to be a waste of gas. Hope we don’t miss out on a viable candidate by getting played for so long.

I don’t doubt the are friends of Gus’who have been led to believe he was coming. If he doesn’t come, what happens to those relationships will be interesting.

I take that to mean a plane is going to get someone either way.
Like there is a backup ready to sign on?

That’s exactly how I took this also

You just fly on down to Orlando, and if not there, Boca Raton…

Interesting article on the coach there. … 908826001/

no doubt about it
thats interesting

That’s what I’m talking about! Get Kiffin and forget about GM or anyone else. We have instant gravitas…

Who is Kiffin’s agent?

If the plane goes somewhere other than Atlanta, it will be Dallas.

Gravitas? With Kiffin? Guy coaches in a red wig with size 32 shoes. In other words he’s a clown. Started the downhill spiral at EOE. Failed at USC, where it’s nearly impossible to fail. I don’t care what he did at FAU. I still don’t want him.

Exactly, Jeff.

I agree. Kiffin leaves a trail of drama, and often a smoldering crater, wherever he goes.

This, 100 times over, this.

Ditto! Kiffin = too much drama

Very immature coach!