Trey Made Some $$ This Year

He’ll get a good contract next time if he keeps this up. May not be with New England based on their history, but he’s had a good year. I guess the Super Bowl doesn’t have a defensive MVP bc he was it for the Patriots last night.

What a game!

2½ sacks in the Super Bowl = BIG WOW.

Trey made $525,000 this year (plus playoff bonuses of $155,000 for winning the Super Bowl). Next year he’ll make $615,000, and $705,000 in 2018. Unless the Pats tear it up and give him a new deal, which is unlikely, the big money will hit in '19. But it may not be in New England; the Pats (and every other NFL team) like to shuffle movable parts to keep the salary cap hit down. Bring in another lineman who will work cheap for 3-4 years and repeat…

Trey may also do some endorsements after this game. There may be another $100,000 come in this year.

Yeah, he definitely seems to have the personalty for it. Also does hurt that he is a positive, good looking fellow, and one hell-of-a football player.