Trey Knox

Richard or Dudley…looks like Trey Knox had a great visit at Tennessee recently. Looks like he will commit on 10/1. What have you heard from him lately. We really need to land this kid.

Also, Adonis Otey was with him on the visit. Did he get swayed at all? Just curious… … 418017002/

I don’t believe Otey was with him this past weekend. They visited together earlier in the summer, but I think just his parents went on the OV this past weekend.

KJ Jefferson still believes Arkansas is going to get him and stays in contact with him.

We’ll see.

From the article. Me and Steep are very close, we talk constantly, this was from Knox.

Trey Knox hurt his ankle and is iffy for awhile. Don’t look at his stats as him going full bore for the next couple of games