Trey Knox

Excuse my ignorance here, but is he still on the team? If I remember correctly, he came in with the same amount of hype as Burks.

Knox played yesterday according to the participation list, so yeah he’s still on the team. As far as I can tell he was not the target of a pass and certainly did not catch one.

I think his first snaps Saturday came late in the first quarter. Feleipe Franks threw to him on a play that was blown dead. That was as close as he got to making a play. I asked Sam Pittman about him on Thursday and he seemed to indicate Knox was going to be just fine after a tough game at Auburn, but it’s pretty clear there’s a disconnect somewhere.

Knox came off the field with a limp on the play Scotfie mentioned. . He was hobbling just a little. I did not see him in the game again.

I believe I saw his number on defense when the fake punt was pulled off… maybe someone else has his number on defense however?

Joe Foucha and Trey Knox both wear #7.

Knox was on the field for Ole Miss’ fake punt.

Yep, turned his back and ran down the field trying to block the gunner. I haven’t watched again to count our guys, but someone said we only had 10.

There were 11 on the field. Arkansas had nine at the line of scrimmage and two players back to return the punt.

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