Trey Knox

What is going on with him. He is suppose to be our best receiver and he sure looks the part on the sideline; however, he cannot get open and when he does and gets a ball he cannot catch it. Is he hurt or what is the deal? Matter-of-fact, it seems like most of our thought to be stars are no where to be found, while a bunch of guys who the recruitnecks said we shouldn’t take are playing their butts off. Why? If these greats want to play in the NFL, they better start showing that they can play football.

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Trey Knox has not done much, and had two drops.That’s true. He is talented. Also true.
But I don’t think ANYONE has ever called him “Our best receiver.” You are mixing him up with Treylon Burks.

With Burkes out it makes it hard for Knox and Woods to get open. They lack speed that Warren and Hammond’s have! This is only my opinion. With Burkes on the field it makes it easier on the whole group.
The more glaring weakness our hogs have is with special teams. Another punt blocked and this one for a TD. A snap that wasn’t held onto and cost the hogs and extra point then we chased 2 more and missed both chances for 2.
We all watched the offense come alive tonight and it was progress. The defense played hard in poor wether and filed conditions and played enough for the hogs to win.


He’s pretty average he’s behind Burks, Warren and Woods for sure. If we had the transfer from OU he would have scorched them. He might not play much once we get Burks back.

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I really don’t understand how we do the same thing on special teams?

Sure wish TQ didn’t quit the team…bet he does now, too.

I would be pulling more for Knox because he is almost local, but the only Hog who played worse yesterday was Catalan who had much to do with losing the game (blocked punt not counted as on him), we chased that point because of the dropped XP snap all game and then his final punt was WEAK. Gotta be a better punter and ST coach needs to earn his accolades. Trey looked droopy and Morris plus John David are not SEC quality wR’s.

JD White tries hard and is decently fast, but man he is just not strong enough to block. there was a bubble screen against MSU, JDW was trying to block, and the MSU defender just tossed him aside like a rag doll. He is certainly brave to go out on the field against SEC athletes.


You are really wrong on Catalan as he is our best defensive player. I do not know where you got your info.

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T agree tex Hog. Catalan is one we can’t afford to lose.

Special teams and the offensive plays ran behind the mine of scrimmage are just horrible.

Did you mean Caratan, the punter? Catalonia had a good game.


I have wondered if he had the speed to make a big impact since watching his hs highlights when I never saw him blow by anyone. I just don’t think he is fast enough to be anything other than a posession receiver and Red zone guy.

Like yesterday on the two point play? With that size and ability, he should be perfect for those posession plays. Those third down plays are critical. He needs to step up and get with the program. Take the ball away from the cover guys. Use that body and height.

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Sure don’t like admitting this but facts are facts. First off, au has beat us what 3 times in 10 years @ au with terribly bad calls by the refs at the end that should’ve went the other way. That cam newton fumble still irks me at times.But its done they have to live with it. IF it’s going to take us 3 quarters for our offense to get started this week, the defense will be wore out again and o miss will blow us off the field by halftime.Not blaming anyone but again, facts are facts

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I 100% think TQ would be starting over Knox had he not transferred. I thought TQ was the second best WR in his class behind Burks.

Possession and Red Zone WR’s are just that because of good route running and excellent hands.
Knox dropped 2 very catchable balls. One to tie the game on 2 pt attempt, another that would have kept the drive alive.

Why isn’t Lindsey handling holding duties? Hasn’t he done it for the last few years?

Some coaches prefer to have their punter do the holding because a QB or WR is adding that to their normal duties, whereas a punter has no duties outside special teams and can work more with the kicker. I’ll cut Caratan a little slack because of the weather conditions Saturday. Easy to mishandle a wet ball.