Trey Knox update

He visited Florida yesterday and today.

Right now, I don’t see him going to Fla. and Tenn.

If he was to pick a school today I think it’s Arkansas after talking to a very strong source.

Richard, that is fantastic to hear!

Could we be on the verge of landing the best group of WRs in one class ever in Fayetteville? Sure looks that way to me… :sunglasses:

Lord knows things can change, but as of today that’s how I see it.

Don’t forget CBP’s first year, the Warren/Joe Adams group was special. 4 made NFL rosters!


Wasn’t real hard seeing that coming but it’s still pretty exciting to see it unfolding.

Jarius Wright, Greg Childs, Joe Adams and…?

Who is the fourth? Cobi Hamilton was in a different class

This is legit stuff. We are gonna have a bunch of Megatron lookin’ dudes out there.

247 says we signed a WR from Pulaski Academy named Cruz Williams in that class. But when I Googled him I found his bio at the Louisiana Tech website and he was a redshirt freshman there in 2008. There was also Matt Marshall, who signed as a WR but wound up at outside linebacker. And Rivals listed Chris Gragg as a WR, of course he played tight end after that. Gragg would be your fourth NFL guy obviously.

Makes sense. Wasn’t thinking about Gragg like that, but that basically counts

Even if you didn’t count Gragg, having three NFLers in one WR class would be quite the exception to the rule and a feat not easily duplicated. Hope Knox comes; hope all of them make the NFL one day. But it’s going to be hard to top that one class.

I don’t disagree. I wasn’t arguing the exceptionalism of that class… just whether or not Hamilton was counted as the fourth

Gragg is who I was thinking about

But this class is looking to have several NFL-types as well. Exactly what we need to get back to 10 wins and make football fun again!


GettIng 10 wins would be nice but fun again! I’d say fun again would start by not blowing leads and falling apart! Being in games with a chance to win! That’s what is fun when the hogs have a legit chance to win!

If we were to sign Knox, with Burks and the other guys, I’d definitely say talent wise, it’s better than the Wright/Childs/Adams class. Now, if they produce the same way and make it to the league the same way would be a down the road thing to find out. But strictly talent, I’d say it wouldn’t even be close.

It definitely would be close Adams and Wright were studs who could their own against any and Child’s was a nightmare mismatch. Their taken rivals that of even the guys we are recruiting now

Without a doubt.

The difference to me is I see two guys for sure in this class who very well could be 1st rounders.

I think Childs pre-injury very well could’ve been a first rounder. He had the size and speed.

Wright and Adams were absolute beasts in the slot and that’s why wright has made so much money in the nfl. But neither had the size and speed of some of these potentials in this 19’ class.

It could be really, really deadly, especially when you factor KJ Jefferson in.

I’m excited.

We also signed another kid from Warren in that class - Basmine Jones - who was an “athlete” but played quite a bit of WR. However, as I recall, he didn’t qualify academically.

Basmine ended up in JC

Just came to watch some Sesame Street…what time does it start?

Good heavens…if we land Knox LOOK OUT!!! This class would be HUGE and a serious foundation for the future and future classes. It would certainly open a ton of recruits eyes as to what is going on up on The Hill in my opinion!!!