Trey Knox said

he will announce at noon tomorrow.

Any thoughts on who he commits to?

Felt good about Arkansas’ chances for awhile.

247sports’ crystal ball 91% Arkansas, 9% Tennessee. As Richard said, he likes Arkansas’ chances. Would be a huge get.

We could end up with an outstanding WR group.


This article about Knox’s commitment says we have 18 underclassmen receivers? Is that even possible that this is correct because that is 4.5 receivers per class for 4 classes. This has to be including walkons but even then this seems high. Could they be counting TE’s? … 424416002/

Gonna try and count the receivers that I can recall off the top of my head that would be considered underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores)


So this is obviously a botched number since I went back from the official roster and counted ALL (regardless of classification) those who are listed as WR’s and the total was 17 (and this includes several walkons that are likely never to see the field). So I looked at 24/7 Sports and they show we have 20 WR’s!! (of course they are counting all classifications) Still, is there no accountability on these numbers? I can see where the newspaper might just pull a number from 24/7 and go with it but does somebody there (at 24/7) not look and think there must be a mistake here. 20 WR’s represents close to 25% of your 85-man roster…which is ridiculous.

No need to remind me “Trey knows what the real numbers are” as I am sure the coaches have clarified that for him. But it is ridiculous for a legitimate recruiting source to have that degree of inaccuracy. It really makes me appreciate even more the professional staff we have here.

Thought I would add some local flavor to this potential commitment since I live about 30 minutes away. His high school is one of (if not THE) largest high schools in Tennessee and consistently produces highly competitive teams in an area of the state (Murfreesboro, about 30 minutes southeast of Nashville) that has seen explosive growth in the last 10-15 years. There is a dominant team in East TN and usually one or two solid teams from the Memphis area but this district (which includes Blackman, Oakland, Riverdale, Siegel, and Stewarts Creek among others) consistently produces 2 or 3 of the top teams in the state. So, the competition he has faced is very strong.

The profiles are often incorrect. Kids tell me how their heights and weights are so far off. It could be a measurement from a camp from last summer.

Richard, I think my point was to share a specific example of how inaccurate info is used to recruit against schools–an I am not naive enough to think that Arkansas recruiters don’t use this tactic as well.

As I acknowledged in this instance, I am sure that a recruit with Trey Knox’s talent knows exactly what he is coming in to from a competitive standpoint. But a friend or family member (the guys at the barbershop for instance) could very well read this article and accept it as fact–and then give the recruit all kinds of heck for even considering Arkansas. :slight_smile: Maybe that alone would not affect his decision but the cumulative effect of a lot of those influences could just make it easier for him to stay home and play for the in-state school. No doubt that has happened with Arkansas kids in the past…and I suppose it will happen as long as there are recruits and teams wanting to add them to their rosters. But I would think in today’s world of readily available info it would be harder to do this; unfortunately the availability of info has not increased its reliability or accuracy.

I do appreciate how you and Dudley conduct yourselves very professionally.

I sure hope we get him. Mr. Knox already looks like a man and will look great in that Razorback uni.

Trey could likely walk in tomorrow and start over all of our receivers even if it was true.

Our receivers aren’t something I would be intimidated with if I was ranked #56 in the country over all. (Rivals)