Trey Knox has found what makes him different

Trey Knox was a standout receiver in high school but also dabbled with outside linebacker and a little bit of fullback. His coach, though, always joked with him that he’d be best as a tight end. Knox joked back.

“Then we’d say, ‘No, really, this is what makes you different.’”


Great read! I hope Trey has a ton of success at tight end!

Happy to see Trey find the position that will give him a chance to succeed, no doubt in mind he will become a weapon for the Hogs. WPS

he and Otey came out together as celebrated (for Blackman athletes) and each kind of pushed the other. In track Otey stuck with sprints while Trey did it all including shotput which fits the story character of finding where to help the most and applying himself.

Knox has always presented himself in a very positive manner. I hope he continues to increase his size and strength and ends up making an NFL squad and cashes some nice checks. Happy he is a Razorback.


He’s found his position now he’s just got to get a little bit more powerful so he can be a better blocker because he’s already got all he needs to be a great tight end as far as catching and running with the ball… bright future ahead I believe

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I’ll always pull for any kid that loves dogs and wears a Razorback uniform.

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