Trey Knox commitment gives Hogs top WR class (quotes added) … -nations-/

I love the commitment video he had. Dodge Ball! That is just awesome

Just saw the video.

Wow what a WR class we have…

Love it!! now we got to get some great OL and and a proven QB to throw it to all these guys.WPS!!!

Our WRs will look like the ole miss group in about 2 years… I’m pumped

This guy is a BEAST!! Woo Pig baby!!! Gotta love it.

Very Good!!! Welcome aboard

Do we really need more WR’s on this team? What a waste of a scholly. Now where do I find one of those sarcasm emojicon things! Great job of recruiting by CCM and staff. Now if we can just reel in a few really good Big Uglies.

Great get! Way to go, coaches! Woo pig!!

Very good player. Very good addition. But, we HAVE to get some OL recruits in. And we can’t just get ones that fill the roster. We need the same caliber as the WR’s we are getting. And we need a QB.

Kicks us up to 14th in Rivals’ rankings. Yes, we need OL. I’m sure the coaches are aware of that. Got a dandy QB on the way.

I’m Thinking Greg Childs,not great speed but is tough to handle on 1on 1 balls.matchup nightmare

Not that this is news to anyone here but I did find it interesting what our newest commit said in this article from today:

“I feel like I can thrive in the offense they play,” said Knox, who plans to graduate in December and enroll at Arkansas in January. "They sling the ball around everywhere. In any game they can have at least two wide receivers with 100 yards. And, there’s a chance (former Clemson quarterback and transfer) Kelly Bryant could go there, and that would be even better.

Here is the complete article. … 484173002/

This young man is a Top 100 recruit and had an incredible offer list… Vol fans are jumping off bridges. A great Hog day.

Confused why rivals thinks so highly of our Blackman recruits, Knox and Otey, while 247 has them as middle-teir 3 stars. Usually the two have comparable ratings, but these are pretty sizable differences.

Fairly obvious.

If one site rates our players higher, that are excellent evaluators of talent.

If they are rated lower, they are nincompoops that wouldn’t know talent if it slapped them in the face.

They have a QB in the class - KJ Jefferson.

Rivals saw them in camps.

I don’t know about that. I trolled a couple of Volunteer boards, and most fans seem to think that it was more Tennessee didn’t want him more than they lost him. Their logic is illogical to say the least. They claim they have Ramel Keyton and didn’t need a role player in Knox. Very confusing.

For us, we already have Treylon Burk(who is ranked higher than Keyton) and we just added another top player in Knox. Tennessee fans can justify it all they want, but their loss is our gain.