Trey Knox - Any concern

…something serious?

Just sick is all I have seen CCM mention a couple of times. With that being said let’s just hope it isn’t some kind of virus that wipes him out for weeks - like Mono!!!

yeah not sure what’s going on being very secretive about it…supposedly sick so we will see.

Some infections are just hard to figure out and diagnose. Also, infections can appear to get better, then relapse. They think he’s getting better one day, then worse the next day.

Is he one of the guys that likes to fish? Hope it is not lyme’s or tick fever.

The stomach flu can take five days to run it’s course. I hope it is nothing serious for the young man.

I’m not sure how much they’re allowed to say under HIPAA unless he expressly tells them it’s okay. However, most likely, they’re just not sure what he’s got. Hope he’s better very soon.

Between HIPAA and FERPA there’s not a whole lot they can say about college students in general, athletes or not. I would tend to agree with you that they probably don’t have a firm diagnosis.

Which is a little concerning. Still looking likely another couple days based on CCM comments. Hoping he is back soon and more importantly, ok!

Word is he’ll be out a week or so.

Any diagnosis you can share?


Why’d it take so long for that to come out?

Also, if he has mono, why has he still been at events? He was on SJs story two days ago. Hard to believe they would allow him around everyone with mono, considering how contagious it is.

From what I understand he saw a doc on Wed. So it wasn’t that long.

Unless he’s kissing them, or sharing water bottles, it’s not that contagious.

Hmm… yeah, like I said, he was on SJs story at some dinner/event with other people in the program there just two days ago.

Something doesn’t add up

If it was a dinner, any eating utensils would be contaminated, your hands could easily be transmissible, coughs/sneeze… I’m just saying I’d think it’s highly doubtful they would allow him at these things with mono.

EBV can get around easily.

Seems like the doctor would tell him to stay home as much as possible

Do you use other’s eating utensils? And, as RD said, he just went to the Dr on Wednesday or so. You have to exchange saliva in 99.9% of the cases, or be sneezed on. Also, it takes 3-4 weeks for the symptoms to show up, no telling who could get it.

I’m just saying, doesn’t seem like they’d let him be there.

Also have heard he’s been in the football facilities all week.

Doesn’t really matter what it is, the more exposure to it, the higher chance of someone else getting it.

Saliva and resp. Droplets can get around pretty easily .

We need to blame someone for this. But, who? :smiley: