Trey had a game!

But how he missed the layup before half I’ll never know. Or even the rim. Had a huge night though.

Agree completely. Also, Dustin Thomas was one point short of a double-double. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that without either one, we have an 0-2 week instead of 2-0.

Bizarre stat of the day: Our starting lineup was 0-for-the-foul line. Took 6, missed 6.

Trey, Dustin and Cook all had their moments. I am very happy for Trey to have 2 good games in a row, and hope that it means he is on a roll. Dustin has also had 2 good games in a row so let’s hope he and Cook can make the 4 spot even MORE productive.

Trey missed that point blank layup just like Mitchell Sullivan blew the point blank game winner with 2 seconds to go. Basketball gods have a way of evening things out.

Things don’t even out. Why are we still owed so many open looks off the side of the backboard? Airball jumpers? Dribble and steps out of bounds? If it does all even out we are in for a great run! They still owe us a ton of those bricked layups.