Trey Flowers

If this has been discussed previously I apologize.
Being both a Razorback and Patriots fan, it is a lot fun this season watching one of my favorite Hogs of all time, Trey Flowers, play at a high level in the NFL.
Flowers is a perfect example of a three star player rising to what most have to agree was a five star level in 2013 and 2014.
With Flowers and Philon as examples I would love to see us get back to recruiting linemen from Alabama. I am more than happy to take Saban’s leftovers if they play like Flowers and Philon.
Congrats to Trey as he vies for a Super Bowl ring. I could not be happier for him.

Those two have remarkably different stories. Trey Flowers was offered the last weekend before signing day. He did not have an SEC offer aside from Arkansas. Darius Philon was commited to Alabama and was asked to greyshirt (because of a knee injury) at the last moment and became available in a bit of a surprise. Two crazy stories.

Trey Flowers is one of my favorites. There are a bunch of great stories, like him doing extra workouts (in his dorm room) as a true freshman all by himself. Tenarius Wright said he didn’t hear Trey speak for several months after arriving on campus. I asked Trey about that. He said he was busy listening. His explanation is that you learn more by listening. As for the extra workouts, he said he was doing sit ups, push ups and anything else he thought might help him. He knew after Wright was injured, he was going to play as a true freshman and needed anything extra to help him out.

Bequette missed several games that year as well. I remember in the Texas A&M game,when we came back in the second half, we had Trey and Chris Smith starting at DEs as a freshman and Sophomore.

saw a photo today on him answering questions from reporters. Had on a Hog sweatshirt. Gotta love that.

Way to go Trey.