Trey Flowers could be an unrestricted free agent tomorrow

And according to Peter King, may sign somewhere (like the Jets) for about $17 million a season.

Nice way to get paid, Mr. Flowers.

Good for Trey, but I hope he plays with a team that has a chance of going to the SB and I don’t think the Jets will qualify.

I’d rather make $17 million than go to the Super Bowl. He’s been there…done that. Time to get paid.

I wish Dallas, KC, or New Orleans would make him an offer. I hate having to root for the Jets. I guess I could root for only the defense. Then they could lose lots of 7-3 games.

Trey has a few Super Bowl rings. He needs a few dollars now.

Co-nominees Post of the Day. :sunglasses:

Flowers and the guy from BYU on the other side of their defensive line seem to really make a pair. Any chance the Patriots would make him a good enough offer so as to keep a good thing going? If the Patriot’s defense is not kept up or improved, they will not continue to out score everyone like they have in the past.

I still want to know how many millions it takes to stay out of the poor house… :smiley:

The Patriots’ recent history is to let people like Flowers walk rather than pay them. It seems to work. They did let Dont’a Hightower and Devin McCourty enter free agency and then re-sign them, though, so it does happen.

By the way, Trey was not franchise-tagged and is now a free agent. Tagging him (a $17 million salary for a defensive end) would have eaten up most of their salary cap space, though, so I’m not surprised they didn’t. They would probably hope he agrees to come back for maybe $11 million a year, which ain’t chump change either. I think what Peter King was saying is that someone else, maybe the Jets, will offer Trey more than the Pats want to match.

It’s time to get that money. Rings are great, but they don’t feed your family. I’m interested to see what kind of guaranteed money he can get.

The very minimum he will get would be enough for ordinary folks to last three generstions. That is for one year, so I think some players sign for less than the max they can get because they like being winners.

Trey has earned it. Done nothing but produce on the field for one of the best organizations in the NFL with a hard nosed no B S Coach.
Go get that money, but manage it well. Never know what tomorrow brings.

Good post, JimBeau…It would be hard to beat playing for the Patriots and making millions. That is a dream job. Unlike a lot of fans, I think Coach Bill Bellichek would be great to play for. He is a superb coach and tolerates little or no bad team behavior. They are all business when they play.

Swine is right on this…the Pats seldom give the big money. I expect Trey Flowers to play for somebody else next year besides New England. I don’t know what the Patriots do with their salary cap…they have no stars making crazy money except for Brady, but they don’t pay anybody the huge bucks. I guess they distribute it among the rest of the team. Does anybody know the answer to this?

Swine, you might know…how in the heck does New England constantly win without paying all the crazy money?

Business is business and Trey was fortunate enough to not only acquire 2 super bowl champion rings but also experience coaching & leadership at possibly the highest level. And I’m pretty sure if Trey had his choice he’d stay connected with the Pats. Life is not always fair so come on down to Tennessee and be a Titan Trey! The organization is finally back on an upswing and you could get real good money. Plus Vrabel is Patriots stock. Just another something to consider, my friend.

For 2017/2018 The Pats basically came out right in the middle of what teams pay

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Guaranteed money in the NFL is kind of a joke once you get past an initial signing bonus. Kirk Cousins got a fully guaranteed deal in Minnesota but that’s basically the only one in league history and no one else has duplicated it. Not sure who is Trey’s agent but it would be interesting to see if he tried to get more guarantee in return for less annual hit. Meanwhile NBA money, especially for first rounders and free agents, is 100% guaranteed. So is MLB.

This has been their mantra. On offense it’s obviously good OC’s, Brady & the Oline to protect him. After that you will notice when he doesn’t have the gifted WR’s they will struggle for a few games but by seasons end they are clicking. When he has one or two elite healthy WR’s they are magic.

On defense that is Bills forte and many a star is born in NE, then some move on & some stay a little longer.

Best definition of team work in the business. I guess that could be by not having to manage to many big egos and pouring all the cash into those egos.
Talent & potential evaluations are excellent by Bill also.

Pats get people who buy in to the way they do things. Even Brady, who may or may not be the GOAT, takes less $ so they have more flexibility, and also takes a lot of abuse from Belichick in practice/meetings to make the point that no one is too good for the Patriot Way. You do your time, get two or three rings, go somewhere else to get paid and they find somebody else to take your place and start the cycle over again.

Of course it helps that Brady’s wife still makes a boatload of money, although three or four years ago she actually made more than he did. She’s cut way back on her modeling. Either way, they aren’t strapped for cash.

I checked on Flowers’ agent. It’s Neil Cornrich, who also represents Bret Bielema.