Trey and Moses

Sure looked good playing together on the court at the same time. Dominantated in my opinion. Hope we see more of that. Nothing against Cook or Thomas but they just haven’t showed me much. When those two got on the court the game changed completely. What a game! This is a NCAA tournament team.

The big men played like big men. Big win to back a big win at Carolina.

Mosses and Trey shut down a double double machine! With both of them on the floor the offense was moving. Cook needs reps and Thomas has had flashes! Everyone made an impact!

Loved seeing them both there.

trey makes Moses better at times.

Trey has so much upside.

Loved that twin tower package

Trey’s passing is contagious when he is in for as many minutes played recently. Other players are better at sharing the ball when he is in for a while. I hope that other players can see how much better we are with good passing and stick with in even when he isn’t in the game.