Trey Alexander's announcement moved to Thursday

he’s cut his list of 7 down to Auburn, Kansas and Arkansas.

All the buzz seems to be Auburn. I guess we’ll see.

Wonder why the extra couple days??

Doing zooms with all three staffs


Do you think those zooms are just to let each staff know about his final decision? Or do you think he’s still open, and the zooms will still enter into his final decision?

Could be either one.

I would love to have a better answer for you, but I like to answer in knowledge and not speculation.

He’s not going to Arkansas. Auburn is a very heavy here.

He made a comment over the weekend that he felt Auburn’s offense suited him the best. He’s reportedly wanted the ball in his hands. Muss’ offense allows for that. Pearl is a great recruiter. Alexander played summer ball for Next Page Force out of Little Rock that has heavy Parkview connections (Wes Flanigan). Auburn has a big time commitment from Jabari Smith, who reportedly has worked very hard on Trey. I guess those won out I’ve the last 30 days or so.

This is not a direct knock on Alexander–it’s more of just a general thought.

Given the NCAA violation information going around, I’m still pretty surprised that these schools are able to hold on to just about everyone that they recruit. If I were a stud recruit, I would be at least a little bit worried about schools losing NCAA tournament bids and missing out on my chance to dance, especially if I’m a potential one-and-done or two-and-done prospect.

I get that these are excellent recruiters from good schools, but does concern play a role at all?

Yes, Jabbari Smith was a big big get for Auburn. I wasn’t thinking Auburn would get his commitment. Pearl seems to be pull these 5 stars in.

That is what I am hoping Muss can do. Muss hopefully will get a break somewhere with an out of state 5 star and once that happens, recruiting will truly take off.

The 5-stars play for coaches who are typecast as 5-star coaches. Pearl has that label. Muss has yet to get that label. Get to a Sweet 16, or two, and he’ll be there. I don’t like Pearl any more than I like Calipari, but they both have a track-record to lean on.

Losing Alexander (and the kid from Ada, OK, to A&M) hurts, but they weren’t in-staters (the ones we gnash out teeth over the most).

We have been getting in-staters almost regularly. That hasn’t been a problem most of the time.

And has been. Would be a big surprise if it’s not Auburn. At this point, why would UA even do a zoom with him?

Not until we see some evidence of punishment. At this point it simply pays to cheat.

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It would be great for that to happen at Arkansas, but history shows so far that has really only happened in baseball and track.

The football and basketball coaches have certainly put forth the recruiting effort, but the 5-star prep players - especially from out of state - have chosen to go elsewhere for the most part.

Maybe one day this will be a destination school and not one that brings players in, develops them and beats you instead of out-talenting you.

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As long as we keep loading up with four star talent across the board I am quite certain that Muss and future teams will be very successful

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Hate for cheats and crooks like Pearl to win out but next. ghg

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It’s difficult to watch Pearl continue to land studs knowing that he is a proven cheat. Chuck Person fell on the sword for him but clearly Auburn still has bag men


Giving the Auburn bag man time to make the payment!


Kinda wish T. Alexander would choose Kansas, if not Arkansas, but all the prognost picks are saying Auburn, so…