Trevor Stephan

Man, this guy is off to a great pro start with the Yankees. Got his first win today. Line: 4 innings, all zeros except strikeouts. He had seven of those. Will have more on him later.

After starting the season in the Rookie league, he is now in the short season A league. He pitched two innings in his only Rookie league appearance (a start.)

Here is a link to his season stats: Trevor Stephan Stats

My guess is that he’ll be in Double A next season.

I’d expect Trevor to be doing well against that competition. It’s probably below what he saw in the SEC.

What I am hearing is that the Yankees are easing him along now because of innings he has thrown this year. Still might move him up to. Charleston (A) in couple of weeks. Plans likely to be start next season at Charleston or Tampa (A Advanced) and then onto Trenton (AA). How fast he moves depends on how quickly he masters secondary pitches. Yankees believe he has a chance to be middle range starter or key bull pen guy. Becoming an ace is not out of the question but there are not many of those.

What you have to remind yourself, Trevor still hasn’t pitched much. He was a late arrival on the mound. He just doesn’t have a background of throwing a bunch. But man is he talented, both physically and mentally.

Looking forward to catching him in Charleston.